Mogul Skiing Technique | Final Thoughts

This page summarizes our final thoughts on mogul skiing technique.

Good mogul skiing is not about jumping into the bumps, heeding a ski instructor’s request to “follow me” and muscling your way down the run. That is old-school, not very effective and best left to 20 year olds. It is not an intelligent way to learn how to ski moguls.

Good mogul skiing is about learning the proper mogul skiing techniques so you can FLOW smoothly down a mogul run with good balance, in full control, efficiently, with minimal fatigue. It is also about understanding how to use the unique characteristics of mogul terrain to your advantage and how to use smart tactics to minimize anxiety and eliminate the need for lightening-fast reflexes.

This is the formula where you can now begin to have fun skiing challenging off-piste terrain. It is also the most effective, and fastest, way to become a confident and safe mogul skier.

New Approach That Makes Mogul Skiing Easy

Mogul skiing becomes easy when you understand and master five mogul skiing techniques: Skiing With Better Balance , Skiing With More Control, Skiing With Less Fatigue, New Insight That Demystifies Mogul Terrain and Skiing With Smart Mogul Tactics.

The Mogul Technique Learning Center and our Aspen mogul ski lesson programs present an innovative, new and better approach to mogul skiing that will enable you to quickly break out of the intermediate-rut and become a confident all-mountain skier. This two-phased approach:

  • Builds a strong foundation of good skiing skills that promote skiing longevity
  • Adds sane and intelligent mogul skiing tactics on top of that foundation to make mogul skiing easy 

A New Approach That Builds A Strong Foundation Of Good Skiing Skills That Promote Skiing Longevity

The new and better approach is to start with becoming proficient in our Ski For Life™ foundation of good skiing skills (Better Balance, More Control, Less Fatigue) that promote both safe skiing and skiing longevity.

Better Balance involves understanding how, and why, some of the little things that you do can result in you losing your balance, or being in a mode where you are always fighting to get back into balance. As a general rule, out-of-balance conditions are not caused by terrain conditions, but rather by the skier making unnecessary or inappropriate moves that result in an out-of-balance situation.

More Control is a prerequisite to developing confidence, avoiding injury, facilitates your ability to stay in balance and puts you in the driver’s seat (you are the CEO of your own skiing). Good control enables you to be proactive rather than reactive and allows you the time to turn when, and where, you want to.

Less Fatigue is about using a stance that does not burn your quads and quickly tire you out. It is also about learning efficient movements that minimize anxiety and about learning how to use slow-motion micro movements that eliminate the need for fast reflexes.

Remember, if you have not yet mastered techniques for good balance, good control and how to ski with efficient movements so you can avoid fatigue then you are unlikely to be successful in learning how to ski moguls.

A New Approach That Enables You To Quickly Master Challenging Terrain

Once you have built the prerequisite Ski For Life™ skills foundation the next step is to master the BUMPS FOR BOOMERS ® mogul skiing techniques (New Insight, Smart Tactics).

New Insight is understanding the 6 common terrain features of every mogul, learning how mogul terrain differs from groomed runs and how to use the unique features of mogul terrain to your advantage.

Smart Tactics enable you to better understand how, and where, to make your turns in the most appropriate location for safe, controlled skiing. You will also learn how to master our “signature” Green Line and Blue Line skiing routes that don’t require lightening-fast reflexes

Learn these mogul skiing techniques and you will be able to “escape the corduroy” and confidently and safely ski the entire mountain with good balance, good speed control, more efficient skiing, less fatigue, a clear understanding of how to use mogul terrain to your advantage using smart mogul skiing tactics that are low impact to your knees and back and eliminate the need for fast reflexes. And the bonus is that these same techniques will extend your skiing longevity so that you can continue doing a sport that you love well into your future years.

Additional Resources To Help You Become A Better Mogul Skier

In addition to our Mogul Skiing Technique Learning Center we offer these additional resources to help you achieve your mogul and powder skiing objectives:

Here is to your success in becoming a better mogul skier and powder skier and extending your skiing longevity.

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