How To Ski Moguls With Better Balance | Introduction

It is clearly in your best interest to learn how to ski moguls with better balance. Skiing is obviously a balance sport but having good balance is REALLY important when you are skiing in mogul and powder terrain. Skiing with better balance is a requirement for good all-mountain skiing.

You May Be Standing Upright On Your Skis But Are You Centered And In Balance?

If you want to ski moguls with better balance it is important to understand that there is a major difference between being upright on your skis versus being centered and balanced on your skis.

If you are an average recreational skier there is a very good chance that you may not be centered and balanced when skiing. You may have noticed that:

  • most skiers position their hands near their hips which causes them to be in the “back seat” and out-of-balance.
  • many skiers excessively bend their knees which causes them to ski with their rear end behind their feet in an out-of-balance condition.
  • When anxiety sets in most skiers rush their turns and actually throw themselves out-of-balance as a result of fast body movements, unnecessary shoulder and hip rotation and flailing hands.
  • many skiers end up in the “back seat” after a turn because they have not moved forward to anticipate the acceleration of their skis when they enter the fall line. And, the steeper the terrain the bigger the out-of-balance problem becomes.
  • most skiers don’t shift their balance to the about-to-be outside, downhill ski before the start of the next turn which produces a stemmed turn initiation that causes the the skier to be out-of-balance.
  • many skiers lean up the hill (inclination) at the end of a turn which results in an unstable situation because their balance is on the inside, uphill ski rather than on the outside, downhill ski.
Relaxed and patient turns facilitate staying in balance. If you begin a turn in balance, are patient – and don’t do anything to throw yourself out of balance – you will finish a turn in balance. It’s that simple. Better Balance requires a quiet skier. Less is more.

Since skiing is a balance sport it is desirable to maintain good balance at all times during a ski run. So, the challenge becomes, how to do that.

This section of the Mogul Technique Learning Center explains specific skiing techniques that will enable you to ski moguls with better balance.

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