Ski Fitness Programs To Get You In Shape

Skiers who regularly perform skiing exercises and/or make it a priority to participate in ski fitness exercise programs will ski better, experience less fatigue, minimize back and knee pain, avoid injury and extend their skiing longevity.

In recognition of the importance of ski fitness to good skiing and skiing longevity, BUMPS FOR BOOMERS is committed to providing skiers access to the best possible ski fitness exercise programs.

Take Advantage Of Two Free Online Ski Fitness Video Programs

We have partnered with Aspen’s best personal trainers and ski fitness experts and are pleased to provide you two great ski fitness video exercise programs.

This Basic Ski Fitness Exercise Program with free online exercise videos has 3 training phases with 15 video segments containing 70 individual skiing exercises to help you achieve peak skiing performance.

To take advantage of these skiing exercises, free exercise tips and free exercise videos visit our Basic Ski Fitness Video Program.

Our 3-D Ski Fitness Program™ is an even more targeted and more efficient approach to ski conditioning and skiing fitness.

When we ski we move in 3-dimensions and we need to keep our center-of-mass stable to resist 3-dimensional forces on our bodies. So, why not train that way?

The 3-D Ski Fitness Program is, in many ways, more advanced than our Comprehensive Ski Exercise Video Program. It’s uniqueness is that it uses integrated movement pattern exercises designed to simulate the identical multiple asymmetrical 3-D forces that you experience when skiing on snow … and to strengthen your core to resist those forces.

Learn about our free online Advanced 3-D Ski Fitness Video Program.

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About Bill Fabrocini – Your Basic Ski Fitness Video Program Coach

Bill FabrociniBill Fabrocini (PT, OCS, CSCS) is a Physical Therapist and Sports Trainer at the Aspen Club Sports Medicine Institute in Aspen, Colorado. His credentials are second-to-none in the area of sports training and sports science. He trains both professional and Olympic athletes.

Bill’s client list includes Chris Klug – Salt Lake City Olympic Snowboard Medalist, Gretchen Blieler – three time ESPN Winter X Games gold medalist and 2006 Winter Olympics snowboard medalist, Casey Pucket – four-time alpine skiing Olympic team member and two time ESPN Winter X Games Skiercross gold medalist.

In addition he also collaborates, and works with, with John McBride – former head coach of the USA Ski Team and former private coach to Bode Miller – on training strategies for high performance ski athletes.

Other clients include David Robinson – former NBA Champion and MVP, Martina Navratolova and Conchita Martinez – both Tennis Grand Slam Champions and Jane Geddes – US Open Women’s Golf Champion – in addition to the many other recreational athletes he sees daily. Bill is one of the most sought-after trainers in Aspen.

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