Learn Good Mogul Technique in our 4-Day Mogul Skiing Clinics

Become A Confident Mogul Skier With our 4-Day Clinic

4-day mogul ski clinic AspenThis 4-Day mogul technique clinic is specifically aimed at the unique needs of Baby Boomer skiers. Whether you’re 40 or 70 we can teach you to get off the groomers on into the moguls in 4 days. There is no other mogul ski lesson program like this in the country.

The mogul skiing technique you learn in this clinic is much different than you will find with other mogul ski programs. You will learn to ski smarter; using your brain and your equipment, rather than relying on fast reflexes and brute strength. You will become much more efficient and able to ski longer with less fatigue. Your time will be spent learning how to safely ski with good balance and control on mogul terrain rather than skiing ever faster on groomed runs. The result? Skiing with more confidence making mogul skiing and powder skiing FUN! Much more fun than skiing repetitive runs on groomed terrain.

During the 4-day mogul skiing lesson you will learn our signature ‘Green Line’ and ‘Blue Line’ techniques. These will help you ‘read’ a mogul field in an entirely new light.

Our group of handpicked Aspen/Snowmass Ski Pros will be your coaches for the clinic. All of our pros have 20-30+ years of experience teaching mogul technique skiing.

Please read our detailed ‘On Snow Lesson Plan‘ for a detailed list of learning objectives for the clinic. 

The knowledge you gain during this 4-Day mogul technique clinic will increase your love and enjoyment of skiing and extend your skiing longevity so you will be able to Ski For Life™.

We have many, many clients who take the 4-Day clinic multiple times and continue to make major improvement in their mogul skiing each time they take the clinic. Skiing is a movement pattern sport and the goal – when you can begin to have fun – is to have the proper movements happen instinctively without you having to think about what to do.

If you take the 4-Day clinic multiple times we guarantee that you will continue to make major progress in your mogul skiing each time that you take the clinic.

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