Mogul Skiing Technique | A New Approach

You Don’t Need A Shot Of Courage To Ski Moguls.
You Need A New Approach.

Do you feel comfortable on groomed runs …
but avoid moguls at all cost ?

Would you like to ski moguls …
in a slow, safe and highly controlled way ?

Discover a NEW APPROACH that will …
improve your balance and control,
enable you to ski more efficiently with less effort,
use techniques that are easy on knees and joints,
extend your skiing longevity and
make mogul skiing easy, safe and fun.

Welcome to the Mogul Skiing Technique Learning Center

The Mogul Skiing Technique Learning Center represents our philosophy of skiing. We set out to distill the 20% of techniques that will make an 80% improvement in your skiing. Our effort to simplify ski techniques for moguls brought about a new approach to skiing in general. We realized that there are a basic set of ski techniques that apply to all skiing: groomed runs, moguls and powder. And not only are these techniques applicable to all ski conditions, but if you master them your skiing becomes more effortless. You ski steeper terrain with a greater degree of efficiency. Greater efficiency leads to less fatigue, Less fatigue allows you to ski more runs. Not only will the whole mountain open up to you, but you will ski with much less anxiety, fear and trepidation.

Traditional View Of Mogul Skiing

Mogul skiing has always been though of as one of the most challenging and demanding aspects of skiing. Knees-to- the-ears pumping up and down like pistons, high anxiety, dangerous terrain, lightening-fast reflexes, pounding your knees and back, hyper-ventilating, survival and getting your tired butt whipped. And so you conclude that it is much safer and less demanding to go back to the comfort of repetitively skiing those over-crowded groomed corduroy runs. But that’s kind of a boring way to spend your ski vacation. What if it didn’t have to be that way.

A Better Way To Ski Moguls

For a minute wrap your head around the possibility of a whole different concept of mogul skiing. Suppose there was a better and much different way to ski moguls that was not about muscle strength, endurance, brute force or pounding bumps better. But rather an alternative way to ski bumps focused on skiing smarter, not harder using mogul skiing techniques geared to the unique needs of Baby Boomer and other conservative skiers who value balance and control over fast skiing.

Envision yourself skiing through a mogul run as if in a slow motion ballet where you flow through bumps in balance and in total control without the need for fast reflexes, even on challenging mogul terrain. Using techniques that enable you to move from survival to enjoyment and ski a mogul run efficiently with as little effort as possible and with less stress to your body than you ever thought possible.

Ski More Hours Per Ski Day …
Ski More Days Per Season …
Ski More Seasons Over The Years

Can you envision that skiing a mogul run could be no more difficult than skiing a groomer? The Mogul Skiing Technique Learning Center specifically articulates the mogul skiing techniques that give you the capability to do that.

A New Approach To Mogul Skiing Technique

If this New Approach to mogul skiing technique sounds interesting to you then start exploring our Mogul Skiing Technique Learning Center. The concepts and techniques are organized and presented in the following order: 

  • Introduction To This New Approach To Mogul Skiing Technique: The discussion starts by examining why skiers have difficulty skiing mogul terrain and how mis-perceptions get in the way of successful, sane and intelligent mogul skiing. 
  • Building A Ski For Life™ Skills Foundation: You will start by building what we refer to as a Ski For Life™ foundation of techniques that give you Better Balance, More Control and the ability to ski more efficiently with Less Fatigue. Not only are these prerequisite skills that you should have in place before you attempt to ski mogul terrain but they are also essential skills for extending your skiing longevity.
  • Mastering The New Approach To Mogul Skiing: Once your Ski For Life™ skill foundation is built you will then learn mogul specific knowledge that will dramatically change the way you view and ski mogul terrain. You will learn New Insight that simplifies, demystifies creates a whole new understanding of mogul terrain. And you will learn Smart Tactics for mogul skiing that enable you to confidently ski mogul terrain in full control without anxiety or the need for fast reflexes. 

* * * *

Using this New Approach to mogul skiing technique as your compass is a very logical way to quickly become a confident mogul skier. Think about it. If you do not first develop good balance, good control and skiing movement patterns that eliminate fatigue then it is folly to attempt to ski mogul terrain. However, once you establish these foundational skills learning how to ski moguls becomes much easier because you are merely adding incremental concepts onto a strong foundation.

Have We Captured Your Attention To This New Approach To Mogul Skiing?

If this new approach to mogul skiing technique sounds interesting to you then start exploring our Mogul Skiing Technique Learning Center below:

To start your exploration click on each of the navigation buttons below. If you are joining us for a mogul skiing clinic or private ski lesson, we highly recommend you review this material before arriving in Aspen. 



A new approach to mogul skiing with better balance & control, less fatigue, smart tactics, less anxiety & no need for fast reflexes.



Understand the critical difference between being actually balanced on your skis versus just being upright on your skis.



Learn new techniques that give you powerful speed control and turn accuracy in challenging mogul and powder terrain.



Understand how to ski with more efficient, balanced, smooth, patient and flowing movements that result in less fatigue.



Skiing moguls and powder is easy when you understand how to use the unique features of  this challenging terrain to your advantage.



Be the CEO of your own skiing and master the entire mountain with our signature green, blue and black line skiing tactics.

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