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The Ideal Program For BUMPS FOR BOOMERS Graduates Who Want To Take Their Mogul Skiing To The Next Level

The MBA (Master Of Bumps Academy) is a 3-Day Mogul Skiing Clinic, limited to graduates of our BUMPS FOR BOOMERS 4-Day mogul skiing clinic, who are looking to take the next step in improving their mogul skiing and powder skiing skills on a wider variety of more challenging terrain.

How The MBA Mogul Skiing Clinic Differs From Our 4-Day Mogul Skiing Clinic

The simplest way to contrast the MBA clinic with our 4-Day Mogul Clinics is this:

The 4-Day clinics are 80% focused on instruction (re balance, control and smart tactics) and 20% skiing.

The MBA clinic is 80% skiing (experiencing a wide variety of mogul terrain) and 20% focused on instruction.

  Instruction Skiing
4-Day Clinics 80% 20%
MBA Clinic 20% 80%

If you are considering signing up for the MBA clinic you should have a solid understanding of Ski For Life™ skiing techniques for Better BalanceMore Control and Less Fatigue plus New Insight and Green Line, Blue Line and Black Line smart mogul skiing tactics used in the 4-Day mogul clinic. You also need to be comfortable skiing runs on Aspen Mountain like Sunrise/Sunset, Pumphouse or Seiberts before signing up for the MBA clinic.

The MBA clinic emphasizes using the techniques learned in the 4-Day clinic on a wide variety of more challenging terrain and individually fine tuning these techniques where necessary.

We have many, many clients who take the 4-Day clinic multiple times and continue to make major improvement in their mogul skiing each time they take the clinic. Skiing is a movement pattern sport and the goal – when you can begin to have fun – is to have the proper movements happen instinctively without you having to think about what to do.

If you take the 4-Day clinic multiple times we guarantee that you will continue to make major progress in your mogul skiing each time that you take the clinic.

3 Days, 3 Mountains

The MBA (Master Of Bumps Academy) is 3 days and you will explore mogul and powder terrain on 3 different mountains: Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Snowmass.

All 3 days will be taught on traditional length skis. As you know, we have an opinion on proper ski length. And, as usual, we can recommend some great all-mountain skis that can be rented locally.

BUMPS FOR BOOMERS MBA CLINIC DATE** *Early Bird Price Regular Price
Feb 2024    
Feb 2, 3 and 4 (Fri-Sun)  $1,557 $1,707
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