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A New Clinic for Groomed Run Skiers

Ski For Life™ is a 3-day skiing clinic designed for intermediate (level 5 – 7) skiers who prefer to ski groomed runs and want to achieve a major breakthrough in their skiing. Simply, it’s BUMPS FOR BOOMERS® without the bumps. We’ve built a new clinic solely focused on mastering the foundation skills and techniques to make you a great groomed run skier. Not limited to Baby Boomers – all adult intermediate skiers are welcome. And, for the first time, we are offering two clinics in Snowmass.

Ski for Life is an affiliate program of the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen.

Are You Ready For Your Skiing Breakthrough?

Being proficient at any movement pattern sport is about your skill level, not the equipment. A new set of golf clubs or the perfect racquet won’t get you on the pro tour. Likewise, finding the “perfect” ski will not make you a strong recreational skier. 85% of good skiing is about technique. The remaining 15% are things you buy in a ski shop (skis, poles, boots, helmets, goggles, etc.). Instead of buying a new pair of skis and hoping they will improve your skiing, invest in learning great foundational skiing techniques with a Ski For Life clinic.

  • The single most important movement pattern to make effortless and anxiety-free turns
  • The two best techniques for guaranteed speed control on any terrain
  • Be a more elegant skier by moving in slow motion and moving as little as possible
  • The most important resource that most recreational skiers fail to use when skiing
  • How to ski strong and avoid tired legs and quad muscle burn
  • How to become a precision skier and be able to turn or stop exactly where you want to
  • Expert skier tips to ski with good balance
  • Why bending your knees reduces skiing efficiency
  • How to determine which runs to ski in the morning and which to hit in the afternoon
  • How, and when, carving can work for, and against, you
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