A More Challenging Way To Ski Bumps – Ski The Black Line

The Black Line mogul skiing tactic is a faster, more aggressive and more challenging way to ski a mogul run.

Ski-The-Black-Line 350x93 V2

The Black Line mogul skiing tactic will typically challenge your reflex speed unless the mogul run is not steep and/or the moguls are spaced widely apart.

The Black Line turn has the same radius as the trough.

Here is an illustration and explanation of how to ski the Black Line:

The black line can be a challenging way to ski a mogul run

First, make sure that you are familiar with both how to control your speed in moguls using a drifted turn and the six unique terrain features of every mogul as described in previous sections of the Mogul Skiing Technique Learning Center. Then use this three-step movement sequence to ski The Black Line mogul skiing tactic:

01. Steer your skis to arrive slowly on the flat top (FT) of a mogul where you intend to initiate your next turn.

02. Initiate a Black Line turn on the flat top of that mogul and then complete your turn by skiing through the trough.

03. At the bottom of the trough, and just prior to arrival on the flat top of the mogul where you will initiate your next turn, steer your skis up the hill to reduce your speed. Arrive slowly on the flat top of the mogul and repeat the turn sequence.

A Visualization That Further Explains How To Ski The Black Line Mogul Skiing Tactic

Visualize the Black Line as skiing through the bottom of the trough in a similar manner as a bobsled might go down its track. Since the trough is typically skied-out, it is often slick with hard snow, and is therefore a much faster route.

Because the Black Line mogul skiing tactic typically requires fast reflexes, and is therefore a less desirable route for Boomers or other more conservative recreational skiers we have chosen not to include a Black Line video explanation or demonstration.

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