Ski A Wider Corridor For More Speed Control In Moguls

The width of the corridor you elect to ski within on your mogul run is an important factor that influences your speed.

How Ski Corridor Width Influences Your Ability To Control Your Speed In Moguls

If you ski a narrow corridor – e.g. only one or two moguls wide – your skis will spend more time in the fall line and therefore you will ski faster.

If you ski a wider corridor – e.g. four to six moguls wide – your skis will spend more time out of the fall line and therefore you will ski a slower route.

12 Factors To Help You Determine Appropriate Corridor Width When You Ski Moguls

How you decide on the width of the corridor you will ski should be determined by a number of factors including: the steepness of the mogul run, the size and shape of the moguls, the width between the moguls, hard or soft snow conditions, amount of shadow detail or flat light, clarity of visibility, your skiing ability, your physical condition, your confidence level at the moment, your age, your history of injuries and your current level of fatigue.

In summary, before you ski a mogul run, make a conscious decision about the width of the corridor you intend to ski in … because it has consequences that will impact your speed control when skiing bumps.

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