Decelerate Before Each New Turn For More Control

Many skiers have trouble controlling their speed because they do not decelerate before each new turn.

When you initiate a turn, and the ski moves toward the fall line (picking up speed), you must progressively and continuously steer your skis to a point perpendicular, or more, to the fall line until you decelerate.

Where things go wrong – and you don’t slow down – is when you initiate the turn and start to steer the skis across the hill … but then stop turning the skis before you have decelerated and slowed down.

Net result: the skis tend to run at a 45 degree angle to the fall line (picking up speed) down the hill. This can become a real problem when you are skiing a bump or steep run.

Better control your speed by finishing your turns – e.g. progressively and actively complete the turn by continuously steering or pivoting your skis until they are perpendicular to, or higher than, the fall line. When your skis become perpendicular, or more, to the fall line they will decelerate and slow down.

The more quickly you steer your ski tips up the hill and/or the higher you steer your ski tips up the hill, the slower you will go.

For maximum control steer your skis perpendicular, or more, to the fall line that is underneath your feet at any given moment. In moguls you need to be keenly aware of the multiple “secondary” fall lines that go off both sides of the spine of every mogul … and adjust the angle of your skis relative to the fall line accordingly.


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