Make Your Short Leg Long To Make A Balanced Turn

As you start each turn proactively anticipate the acceleration of your skis by making your short leg long and simultaneously tipping your sternum in the direction of the new turn without rotating your torso. Keep your hands forward and quiet.

Your short leg is the uphill leg and making your short leg long means extending (lengthening) the uphill leg in a forward (not vertical) direction until it is straight. Please note that we did not say to make both legs long.

Extend your uphill leg by opening your uphill leg knee joint (the opposite of bending your knee). This moves your torso forward and releases the uphill edges of your skis. The skis will then become flat to the snow and the turn will begin. Do not force or rush the turn. WAIT for gravity to draw the skis into the fall line. After the skis are moving then actively steer your skis. Master this capability by practicing our “signature” zero momentum turns.

Note: If you do not move forward when you extend your uphill leg then you will rise vertically which will likely cause you to end up in the back seat as the turn progresses.

When you make your short leg long find new balance on the uphill ski and feel pressure under the ball of your feet and/or toes. That sense of pressure under the ball of your feet and/or toes confirms that you have moved forward on your skis to anticipate the acceleration which will enable you to remain perpendicular to you skis as they enter the fall line.

After you extend your uphill leg, and as you enter and cross the fall line, keep the previously uphill (now outside or downhill leg) extended – flexing at the ankle to absorb pressure – and soften your inside leg. When it is time to make your next turn, extend the new uphill leg and repeat the pattern.

Note: We stress the concept of making your short leg long to initiate a turn rather than focusing on making a turn because it encourages patience rather than a sense of urgency to quickly turn your skis.

In summary, make your short leg long at turn initiation to ski with better balance.

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