BUMPS FOR BOOMERS Offers A New Approach


BUMPS FOR BOOMERS offers a New Approach to ski instruction that will enable you to quickly improve your skiing skills, extend your skiing longevity and to confidently and safely ski challenging mogul terrain.

BUMPS FOR BOOMERS was specifically designed from the ground up to meet the unique skiing needs of Baby Boomer and other conservative recreational skiers. It is not a knees-to-the-ears pumping up and down like pistons approach to mogul skiing. Rather, it is an intelligent and sane approach to mastering the bumps that does not require a high degree of athleticism, strength or fast reflexes. This new approach was designed by Boomers, is taught by Boomers, for Boomers. And the new approach was highly influenced by Apple product design concepts.

Think Different: How Apple Influenced Bumps For Boomers Ski Instruction

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Before moving to Aspen and pursuing his dream of living in a ski town Joe Nevin spent 12 years working at Apple ®. Apple’s DNA culture of “Think Different.” and “Make Complexity Simple” is engrained in the way Joe thinks.

Joe used his Apple experience to design BUMPS FOR BOOMERS using innovative ski instruction concepts that simplify the user interface (e.g. understanding of technique) between the skier and the mountain.

In ski instruction, when innovation and simplicity come together in the right formula, customers learn good skiing technique easier and faster.

The BUMPS FOR BOOMERS challenge was to “Think Different.” – think outside the box – and to engineer a ski instruction program – from the ground up – that delivered a new approach for skiing simplicity and skiing longevity that made mogul skiing easy and uniquely tuned to Boomer needs.

Phase 1: Ski For Life™ Skills Foundation

First, we build a Ski For Life™ foundation of good skiing skills that will both make you a much better skier and extend your skiing longevity. This foundation is also an essential prerequisite to being able to successfully ski in mogul and powder terrain.  In this first phase you will:

>> Master new techniques that will give you better balance and more control.

>> learn efficient skiing techniques that are effortless, don’t require fast reflexes, are easy on your knees and back and, most importantly, result in less fatigue.

Just think about it. If you do not have good balance, good control and efficient movement patterns that avoid fatigue then it is folly to think that you can be successful trying to ski challenging 3-dimensional mogul and powder terrain.

Phase 2: BUMPS FOR BOOMERS ® Mogul Skiing Technique

Once you’ve mastered these foundation skills we introduce a simplified approach to becoming a confident and proficient mogul skier that will allow you to escape over-crowded groomed runs and ski the entire mountain. In this second phase you will:

>> Gain new insights that will demystify and simplify the complexity of mogul runs and enable you to use the unique features of mogul terrain to your advantage.

>> Learn smart tactics that allow you to turn challenging mogul runs into easily skiable terrain.

You will practice and experience these new mogul skiing techniques on groomed runs before progressing into a mogul field. After all, if you can’t first execute these techniques on a groomed run, how will you be able to use them in challenging 3-dimensional mogul and powder terrain. It is a proven step-by-step approach that will produce great results for you.

Rapid Improvement Through Accelerated Learning

We use a learning process that ensures each client will achieve a significant personal breakthrough and that anyone who can ski a blue groomed run will be able to intelligently, confidently and safely ski challenging mogul runs in just 4 days or less.

You will learn a few simple, easy-to-learn concepts which emphasize the most important 20% of skiing techniques that make 80% of the difference in one’s skiing ability. Concepts presented in plain English will enable you to master new techniques faster.

The Bottom Line

Conventional thinking has produced large numbers of terminal intermediate-level skiers who spend most of their time repetitively skiing on over-crowded groomed corduroy runs.

BUMPS FOR BOOMERS offers a new and better approach specifically designed for Boomers and other conservative recreational skiers using easy-to-learn techniques that make skiing much easier on any terrain. The payoff for you is this: these new techniques will make you a better skier, extend your skiing longevity and enable you to confidently and safely ski the entire mountain. In 4 days or less.

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