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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What level skier do I have to be to participate in the 4-day Ski For Life Moguls clinic?

All clinic participants need to be competent, intermediate-level skiers. You should be able to ski any groomed blue run in control. And, ideally, have at least tried to ski moguls. Yes, jumping in a mogul run for a few turns and leaving in fear qualifies.

This program is not appropriate for beginner skiers or individuals who only want to ski groomed runs. Your objective should be to learn how to ski moguls, or improve your mogul skiing abilities.

What is the age of a typical participant?

Ski for Life Moguls clinic is appropriate for intermediate skiers of all adult ages who want to learn how to safely ski moguls and powder in complete control. The average age of our clients ranges from the 40’s to the low 70’s. We also have parents and adult children who take the program together as a bonding experience. The program was previously called “BUMPS FOR BOOMERS” but the name is no longer reflective of our participants, effective 2021, we are now called “SKI FOR LIFE” which represents the goal of our participants: to extend their skiing longevity regardless of age.

The Ski for Life Moguls clinic is an “intelligent approach” to mogul skiing rather than a “knees pumping up and down to the ears like pistons” approach. The program is based around building a foundation of better balance, more control, greater efficiency and less fatigue using smart tactics that don’t require a high degree of athleticism, are low impact, easy on your knees and back with no need for fast reflexes. At a higher level, the program introduces life-long skills that enable you to break out of the intermediate-rut, escape over-crowded groomed runs, gain enjoyment from being able to both ski the entire mountain and extend your skiing longevity.

How many people are in a 4-day clinic?

The number of people in a clinic will vary. What you should know is that we staff the 4-day mogul clinics to have a maximum of four people per instructor. Participants are grouped into small groups based on skiing ability. Groups can be ‘fluid’, e.g., you may start the clinic with one group of people, but if you are seeking a faster pace or more challenging terrain, there might be an option to move you to a more advanced group. Likewise, if you would prefer to be in a slower-paced group on less challenging terrain we have the option to make that adjustment as well.

Is it worth repeating the clinic if I've taken (BUMPS FOR BOOMERS) 4-day clinic already?

Yes! We have many participants who repeat the 4-day clinic and some even return every year for a season ‘tune-up’. Given that ski conditions are ever changing and skiing is a movement pattern sport, it’s always a good idea to start your season with a clinic and continue to improve your mogul skiing skills and techniques. Since we break into small groups based on ability, if you’re a return client and ready for it, we’ll continue to challenge and improve your skiing.

Where are the 4-day mogul clinics taught?

The SFL Moguls 4-day clinics are taught exclusively on Aspen Mountain. We primarily use the runs at the top of the mountain. You will begin to develop your mogul technique on intermediate-level mogul runs such as Tourtelotte Park, Silver Dip, Midnight, Pumphouse, Easy Chair, Gretl’s, Roches, and Reardons. As you build your confidence and capabilities you will advance to more challenging black runs such as Pussyfoot, Sunrise/Sunset, FIS, Seibert’s Sunrise/Sunset, Blondie’s, Hanging Tree, Back Of Bell 1 & 2, Glades 1, 2 & 3, Red’s Run, and Percy’s. Advanced groups can challenge themselves on double-black terrain such as the Shoulder of Bell, the Ridge of Bell, Silver Queen, Walsh’s and more. We can’t give away all our secret favorite runs. Our instructors will select the runs that have the most appropriate terrain and the best conditions for the group’s skiing ability and maximizing the development of new skills.

Will we ski any groomed runs or only mogul ski runs during the 4-day clinic?

The goal of the clinic is for every participant to become a competent mogul skier. So, the majority of time will be spent skiing mogul terrain (and powder terrain if snow conditions permit). That being said, we first introduce mogul skiing skills on groomed run terrain, because, if you cannot first perform the necessary movement patterns on groomed runs then you are unlikely to be successful attempting those techniques in more difficult terrain.

During your mogul skiing clinic, you will learn new techniques. We introduce and practice these new skiing skills on groomed runs and once they are mastered, we will progress to using them on mogul and powder runs. Typically, participants grasp these new techniques quickly and are introduced to mogul terrain by mid-day on Day 1 of the clinic.

Will we ski powder during the 4-day clinic?

The clinic goal is for participants to be able to confidently ski both moguls and powder. The techniques you learn work equally well in both mogul and powder terrain. The good news is that, typically, we find a combination of moguls and powder on many of the runs we ski. We will always have mogul terrain available but it is up to the ski gods if we have access to powder. However, we can’t forecast the weather or make it snow. Our experienced coaches know where the best snow is on the mountain and they will take you to it.

Are lift tickets included in the price of the 4-day clinic?

Lift tickets are not included in the price of the clinic. However, there are many options to get the lowest price on lift tickets.

Lift tickets are available to purchase from Aspen/Snowmass. Purchase your lift tickets at least 7 days in advance of your arrival to get the best price. You will pay the highest price if you buy lift tickets after you arrive at the resort. Lift tickets are valid for all 4 mountains in Aspen/Snowmass. For more information visit

Stay Aspen Snowmass also offers discounted lift tickets in combination with purchase of lodging or airline reservations. Call them at 1-800-456-0897 for more information.

If you are over the age of 70, depending on the number of days you will be skiing in Aspen, it might be more economical to purchase a Premier Silver season pass from the Aspen Skiing Company. For more information visit

Aspen/Snowmass also participates in the IKON pass program. Please visit this page for details:

Finally, Aspen/Snowmass participates in the Mountain Collective program that offers 2 days skiing at each of the 18 partner resorts with no blackout dates and 50% off lift ticket rates for extra days. For details visit

I've never been to Aspen before, what hotels do you recommend?

Aspen is a town of ever-changing accommodations and we decided years ago to focus on teaching skiing and not booking lodging. We always recommend that our clients call Stay Aspen/Snowmass (SAS) for assistance with lodging, lift tickets and even airline reservations. The Aspen Skiing Company work with SAS to offer great package deals. SAS has access to the vast majority of properties in Aspen. They offer discounted lift tickets when purchased with lodging and/or airline reservations. Please contact them directly at 1-800-456-0897.

For our 4-day mogul clinics we strongly recommend that you select a property in Aspen rather than Snowmass simply for the most convenient access to Aspen Mountain. If you stay in Aspen you will not need a rental car. Take a look at our suggestions for local hotels in Aspen.There is no designated parking area for Aspen Mountain. If you stay in Snowmass, please take the free bus serviced offered between Snowmass and Aspen.

What are my airport choices to get to Aspen?

There are three airports primarily used for travel to Aspen.

1) Aspen airport is a quick 5-10 minute ride from downtown Aspen. Many lodges offer transportation from Aspen airport to their property. If not, taxis are readily available. United Airlines is the primary carrier into Aspen and offers direct flights from Denver, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. American Airlines offers direct flights to Aspen from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, Chicago and Phoenix. Delta offers direct flights to Aspen from Atlanta, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Please visit the Aspen Airport website for current airline information as services change each season and not all airlines fly these routes daily.

2) Eagle Vail (EGE) airport is approximately a 1.5 hour drive to Aspen. Eagle Vail airport is at a lower elevation than Aspen airport and can accommodate larger airplanes. Several carriers offer non-stop flights from the U.S. East Coast into Eagle Vail. Commercial transportation is available for hire from Eagle Vail airport to Aspen. Stay Aspen Snowmass can assist with booking transportation. Please see for more information.

3) Denver International Airport. Denver’s airport is the closest major international airport to Aspen. If there are no weather or traffic delays, it is approximately a 4-hour drive from Denver to Aspen. Once in Denver, you can rent a car or take commercial transportation to Aspen. Please keep in mind that the drive on I-70 from Denver to Aspen travels over two high mountain passes and can be highly impacted by winter weather driving conditions. Again, SAS can assist with booking commercial transportation from Denver to Aspen. See for more information. Visit for road conditions.

What else should I know about traveling to Aspen?

Please keep in mind that Aspen and Aspen’s airport (ASE) is at 7,980 feet elevation and can be subject to weather delays. We recommend that you plan to arrive 1-2 days prior to the clinic to allow for travel delays and adjustment to our high altitude. We also strongly recommend that you carry your ski boots on-board your flight(s) to Aspen along with necessary medications and personal items just in case you encounter a delay with luggage arrival. Should your checked bags not arrive with you in Aspen, ski clothing is readily available for purchase or rental.

What has changed due to COVID19 for the 2022-2023 season?

We will follow all COVID Operating Procedures issued by city, state, county and Aspen/Snowmass.

What time do the 4-day mogul clinics start and end each day?

We meet at 8:45. The clinic is a full day lesson with skiing from 9-3.

Where do the 4-day mogul clinics meet?

Details on clinic meeting locations will be shared in your pre-clinic Zoom meeting.

What equipment is needed for the 4-day clinic?

Participants will provide their own skis for the clinic. We will e-mail you specific ski rental options prior to your clinic. Overnight ski rental is provided at the base of the mountain so no need to transport your skis back to your lodging while in the clinic.  

We recommend all participants wear a helmet during the clinic.

Should I bring my own skis for the 4-day clinic?

Yes. You are welcome to bring your own skis, or rental locally. Overnight ski rental is provided at the base of the mountain so no need to transport your skis back to your lodging while in the clinic.

I'm signing up for the 4-day clinic with another person. Will we ski in the same group?

We typically separate participants into small groups based on their initial skiing ability. So, if you and your partner/friend do not ski at the same ability or ski slower or faster than your partner or friend, we might recommend that you ski in different groups in order to maximize learning for each of you. However, if you request to ski together, we are happy to accommodate your wishes and put you in the same ski group, but both of you will be placed in a group that is appropriate for the lower ability skier.

What if my return flight home leaves late afternoon the last day of the clinic?

While we are not proponents of missing out on a minute of skiing, we do respect the fact that some participants need to schedule a flight back home on the last day of the clinic. You are welcome to leave whatever time is needed to catch your flight.

Is there a place to store my extra clothing or street shoes at Aspen Mountain during the 4-day clinic?

Many of you may want to store street shoes, extra clothing or other items at the base of Aspen Mountain. There are three different options available to you. (1) There is a staffed checkroom that can store boots, poles, skis and/or extra clothes. The checkroom cost is approximately $10 for 24 hours. (2) There is a single key access small locker option. (3) There is also a free, but unsecured option, to store boots and/or a small bag under a bench in the Gondola ticket office lobby. For more information, visit Storage Options At Aspen Mountain For Boots and Skis

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