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Bumps For Boomers Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About the 4 Day Clinics

What level skier do I have to be to participate in a BUMPS FOR BOOMERS clinic ?

All clinic participants need to be intermediate level skiers. You should be able to ski any groomed blue run on a mountain and have at least tried to ski moguls. Yes, jumping in a mogul run for a few turns and leaving in fear qualifies.

This program is not appropriate for beginner skiers or individuals who only want to ski groomed runs. Your objective should be to learn to ski moguls, or improve your mogul skiing abilities.

Will we ski any groomed runs or only mogul ski runs?

Each clinic starts off by skiing a few groomed runs at the top of Aspen Mountain. This enables you to become familiar with the feel of the ski-boards. During your mogul skiing lesson, you will learn new techniques. We will practice those techniques on groomed runs and once they are mastered, we will progress to using them on a mogul run. Typically we are skiing moguls by mid-day, Day 1 of the clinic.

Will we ski powder during the clinic?

We will ski whatever conditions we have. If it snows in Aspen and there are ungroomed, in-bound runs with ‘powder’, then we will ski powder. Sadly, we can’t forecast the weather or make it snow. Our experienced coaches know where the best snow is on the mountain and they will take you to it. Clinics are always taught on in-bound terrain.

Where are the clinics taught? And where do we meet?

The 4-day clinics are taught exclusively on Aspen Mountain. We primarily use the runs at the top of the mountain. You can expect to ski these mogul runs: Midnight, Pumphouse, Sunrise/Sunset, Hanging Tree, Blondie’s, Percy’s, and FIS. Some advanced groups will ski the Face of Bell and Ridge of Bell, Aztec, Corkscrew among others. We can’t give away all our secret favorite runs. Our instructors will utilize the runs that have the best conditions for the group’s skiing ability.

The clinic meeting location is at the plaza level (street level) Gondola ticket office lobby which is to the right of the stairs that go up from the plaza level to the gondola loading area. Look for us to be gathered either just inside the entrance doors of the lobby (on a cold morning) or immediately outside the doors in front of the lobby (if it is not too cold). We will be in ski school uniforms (gray jacket, red pants) with name badges. DO NOT go up the stairs to the gondola loading area.

How many people are in a clinic?

Each clinic is limited to a total of 16 people. Participants are grouped into small groups based on skiing ability. The 4-day clinics are staffed to have a maximum of four people per instructor.  Groups are ‘fluid’, e.g., you may start the clinic with one group of people, but if you need more challenging terrain, we will offer to move you to a more advanced group.

I’m signing up for a clinic with my partner or a friend. Will we ski in the same group?

That depends. We typically separate participants into small groups based on their initial skiing ability. So, if you and your partner/friend do not ski at the same ability or are progressing at different rates, you might not be in the same group. If you request to ski together we are happy to put you in the same ski group, but you will be placed in a group that is appropriate for the lower ability skier.

I’ve taken the 4-Day clinic before, is it worth repeating?

Yes! We have many participants who return every year for a season ‘tune-up’. Given that ski conditions are ever changing and skiing is a movement pattern sport, it’s always a good idea to start your season with a clinic and continue to improve your mogul skiing skills and techniques. Since we break into small groups based on ability, if you’re a return client and ready for it, we’ll continue to challenge and improve your skiing.

Do I have to be a Baby Boomer to ski with BUMPS FOR BOOMERS?

No, you do not have to be a Baby Boomer to take our program. Our program is appropriate for intermediate skiers of all adult ages who want to learn how to safely ski moguls and powder in complete control. The average age of our clients ranges from 50s-70s. Our youngest participant was 22 and our oldest participant was 82!

What time does the clinic start and end?

Clinics start promptly at 9 am therefore we will ask that you plan to arrive at the meeting location by 8:45. Your group will head up the mountain and ski until approximately 3:30 each day. Clinics break for lunch mid-day. Additional warm-up or bathrooms breaks are easily arranged with your coach.

Do the participants get together off the mountain?

BUMPS FOR BOOMERS will celebrate your success by hosting an après ski get together after Day 4 of the clinic. The party starts at 3:30 and usually wraps up around 5. As many of our clients travel alone to Aspen to take the clinic they will often ask others in the clinic to get together to dinner but this is not formally organized and is completely up to the individuals.

What if my flight home leaves late afternoon the last day of the clinic?

While we are not proponents of missing out on a minute of skiing we do respect the fact that some participants need to schedule a flight out the last day of the clinic. You are welcome to leave whatever time is needed to catch your flight.

Frequently Asked Questions About Equipment for the 4 Day Clinic

What equipment is needed for the 4 day clinic?

For the first two days of the clinic you will need to provide your own boots and poles. We provide the ski-boards for the first two days of instruction. For days 3 and 4 you will use your own boots, poles and skis.

Should I bring my own skis for the clinic?

Most participants who fly into Aspen for the clinic do not bring their own skis simply because of the cost and inconvenience of flying with skis. During the clinic you will learn the benefits of skiing on a shorter length ski and we typically find that most participants are using skis that are longer than optimum.

After Day 2 of the clinic, coaches are available to go to a local ski rental shop with you to select the best ski for you. We do not recommend skis based on height and weight; we recommend skis based on your skiing ability and conditions. We strongly recommend that you wait until you arrive in Aspen to rent skis. We have negotiated discounts for our participants with several local shops. And we do not receive compensation for referrals from these shops!

If you decide to rent skis after you arrive and you do not have poles we will help you get poles on Day 1. Please arrive a few minutes early to the clinic meeting location and we will take you to a nearby shop who will rent you poles at a very nominal fee.

Is there a place to store my street shoes during the clinic?

Many of you may want to store street shoes, extra clothing or other items at the base of Aspen Mountain. There are three different options available to you. (1) There is a staffed checkroom that can store boots, poles, skis and/or extra clothes. The checkroom cost is approximately $10 for 24 hours. (2) There is a single key access small locker option. To use this option you purchase a token in the Gondola ticket lobby at a cost of $4 per day. (3) There is also a free, but unsecured option, to store boots and/or a small bag under a bench in the Gondola ticket office lobby.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aspen, Lodging and Lift Tickets

I’ve never been to Aspen before, what hotels do you recommend?

Aspen is a town of ever changing accommodations and we decided years ago to focus on mogul skiing lessons not lodging. We always recommend that our clients call Stay Aspen/Snowmass (SAS) for assistance with lodging, lift tickets and even airline reservations. Aspen’s Chamber Resort Association and the Aspen Skiing Company work with SAS to offer great package deals. SAS has access to all properties in Aspen. They offer discounted lift tickets when you purchase lodging and/or airline reservations. Please contact them directly at 1-800-456-0897.

We do recommend that you select a property in Aspen rather than Snowmass simply for the most convenient access to Aspen Mountain. If you stay in Aspen you will not need a rental car. There is no designated parking area for Aspen Mountain. If you stay in Snowmass, please take the free bus serviced offered between Snowmass and Aspen. Allow at least 45 minutes for bus transportation between towns.

What are my airport choices to get to Aspen?

There are three airports primarily used for travel to Aspen.

1) Aspen airport is a quick 5-10 minute ride from downtown Aspen. Many lodges offer transportation from Aspen airport to their property. If not, taxis are readily available. United Airlines is the primary carrier into Aspen and offers direct flights from Denver, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. American Airlines offers direct flights to Aspen from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, Chicago and Phoenix. Delta offers direct flights to Aspen from Atlanta, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Please visit the Aspen Airport website for current airline information as services change each season and not all airlines fly these routes daily. (link to

Please keep in mind that Aspen’s airport is at 7,980 feet elevation and is regularly subject to weather delays. We recommend that you plan to arrive 1-2 days prior to the clinic to allow for travel delays and adjustment to our high altitude. We also strongly recommend that you carry your ski boots on-board the flight to Aspen along with necessary medications and personal items just in case you encounter a delay with luggage arrival. Should your checked bags not arrive with you in Aspen, ski clothing is readily available for purchase or rental.

2) Eagle Vail (EGE) airport is approximately a 1.5 hour drive to Aspen. Eagle Vail airport is at a lower elevation than Aspen airport and can accommodate larger airplanes. Several carriers offer non-stop flights from the U.S. East Coast into Eagle Vail. Commercial transportation is available for hire from Eagle Vail airport to Aspen. Stay Aspen Snowmass can assist with booking transportation. Please see for more information.

3) Denver International Airport. Denver’s airport is the closest major international airport to Aspen. If there are no weather or traffic delays, it is approximately a 4-hour drive from Denver to Aspen. Once in Denver, you can rent a car or take commercial transportation to Aspen. Please keep in mind that the drive on I-70 from Denver to Aspen travels over two high mountain passes and is highly impacted by winter weather driving conditions. Again, SAS can assist with booking commercial transportation from Denver to Aspen. See for more information. Visit for road conditions.

Are lift tickets included in the price of the clinic?

No, lift tickets are not included in the price of the clinic. To avoid paying premium lift ticket prices, please purchase your lift tickets prior to arriving in Aspen. Stay Aspen Snowmass offers discounted lift tickets with lodging or airline reservations. Call them at 1-800-456-0897 for more information.

If you are over the age of 70, depending on the number of days you will be skiing in Aspen, it might be more economical to purchase a season pass from the Aspen Skiing Company. Please visit their website at for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About the MBA Clinic

How is the MBA Clinic different than the 4 day Clinic?

The MBA clinic is different in several ways. First, ski-boards are not used in the MBA clinic. The MBA Clinic participants have already learned our mogul skiing and powder skiing techniques, so the emphasis is on putting those skills to use in a wide variety of terrain. Secondly, MBA participants ski a different mountain each day of the clinic. You’ll ski appropriate mogul runs on Aspen Mountain, Snowmass and Aspen Highlands.

Who can sign up for the MBA Clinic?

Participation in the MBA Clinic is restricted to individuals who have previously taken either a 4-day BUMPS FOR BOOMERS clinic or at least 2 days of private instruction. If you are wondering if the MBA Clinic is right for you, just give us a call at 970-989-2529 and we will be happy to talk through it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Ski Lessons

Your clinic dates don’t work for my schedule. Do you offer private lessons?

Yes we do offer private ski lessons in Aspen. We strongly recommend that you allow a minimum of two days of private lessons, optimally three days, for a compressed version of our clinic.

How many people can be in a private lesson?

We take up to 2 people in a private lesson.

Where are private lessons taught?

If you are interested in using the same mogul ski lesson progression that is used in our 4-Day Clinics, we recommend that your private ski lesson be taught on Aspen Mountain. If you are staying in Snowmass, we can teach on Snowmass Mountain. However, because Snowmass is such a huge mountain, valuable learning time is spent getting around the mountain to access appropriate terrain.

What level skier do I have to be to take a private lesson?

We teach all levels of skiers in private lessons. If you are a beginner skier, we can teach you how to ski groomed runs. You’ll learn valuable techniques from the start that will lay the groundwork for you to progress to ever more challenging terrain.

How much do private lessons cost?

Please visit our Aspen Private Ski Lesson page for booking and cost information.



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