Bumps for Boomers client deomographics
Bumps for Boomers client deomographics

Here is a sampling of client reviews from skiers who have taken the BUMPS FOR BOOMERS mogul ski lesson program.

These folks exceeded every promise they made and every expectation I had going into the clinic. In four days they changed my entire approach to skiing and opened up slopes to me I would never have considered previously. Biggest things is NO fear about moguls or even many Double Black runs! They gave me techniques that transfer across the whole mountain and allow me to ski under control in just about any condition.

Cannot say enough about the quality of the curriculum, the coaches, and the training conditions at Aspen Mountain! Plus, our small group of four (and Larry, our coach!) had a GREAT time skiing and learning together! I’m still smiling’ two weeks later.

The program was well structured. Bob very quickly assessed the fundamentals I needed to work on and provided appropriate coaching. He also knew how far out of my comfort zone to push me. Bob videoed us once. The visual feedback was valuable. I would suggest adding more video reviews to the program. Overall, I left with a solid foundation of new skills to build on and had fun at the same time.

This program completely changed my perspective on skiing moguls and powder, it was like an awakening as I now know how to confidently and tactically ski expert slopes and the big bumps too. I got out of it exactly what I was looking for. The Staff is supremely knowledgeable not only on th program techniques, but I learned a great deal just interacting with them on anything Aspen or anything skiing related, including equipment, that was greatly appreciated!

1. learned an actual “technique” or gameplan to ski moguls. 2. I loved the concept – ski slower, in control, on runs that are a lot less crowded than the blue runs I was stuck on. makes so much sense- but without the gamepan that joe came up with you would never have a chance to transition into the moguls on your own. 3. the energy and enthusiasm of Joe and Larry was terrific. they talked moguls and technique non-stop! cant wait to do it again in December!

Wow!!! Truly a life changing experience! My wife and I had given up on becoming any better than blue groomer skiers (thigh burn included). Now we’re seeking out and skiing the black diamond runs with an effort level that is amazing! This consistent, repetitive coaching method has become a mantra in our heads that allows us to change our faulty habits into the techniques of expert skiing. Ski For Life! is no joke! Super thanks to Joe, Larry, and Alan!

do yourself a favor and take this class! can’t say enough positive things. way better than just following an instructor all day, they actually look at you!

It was terrific to have small groups and also to have instructors that were empathetic in every way. I am extremely scared of heights and my instructor (Larry) was fabulous in coping my fear.. as well as teaching me how to deal with bumps. My personal goal was to be able to approach a run of bumps if I was skiing with my family and know that I could cope and get down them.. that goal was met. I also wanted to do this course because of the demographic of other participants. The other people I met on the course were wonderful.. I particularly enjoyed the group I was with.. we bonded very well and I very much enjoyed their company and hearing their life stories.

Previous mogul instructors in Europe really never taught me how to properly control my speed. Thanks to Larry and Joe I am now in total control. Brilliant.

The coaching was outstanding; I appreciated the constructive criticism, the encouragement, and the authentic enthusiasm when I performed correctly. This class boosted my overall confidence for skiing 500%, and my confidence in skiing bumps 1000%. Skiing a black diamond mogul run on the second day was a real highlight, and It made me feel really great. I appreciated the opportunity to ski on the short skis to become more adept at maneuvering on the bumps and then returning to regular skis. I felt lucky to be in a group where everyone was supportive and encouraging, something I really did not expect, but added a lot to the overall experience. I will definitely take this class again.

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