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BUMPS FOR BOOMERS is a 4-day mogul skiing clinic uniquely designed to quickly teach intermediate-level skiers how to ski moguls and how to ski powder.

How many expensive ski trips have you taken only to return home having skied the same groomed runs year after year? How much have you spent on ski lessons hoping it will finally give you the breakthrough in skiing you’ve been chasing? Read our profile of skier traits to determine if Bumps for Boomers is the best mogul skiing clinic for you? Whether you are in your 40’s or 70’s, BUMPS FOR BOOMERS will teach you life-long skills to break out of the intermediate-rut, escape over-crowded groomed runs, gain enjoyment from being able to ski the entire mountain and extend your skiing longevity.

Our new systematic approach and accelerated learning program will make you a confident mogul skier in 4-days. Using a two phase approach, you’ll learn a solid foundation of good skiing techniques that enable you to ski with better balance, more control, increased efficiency and less fatigue. We call these our Ski For Life techniques. To be a successful mogul skier, you must first master these foundation skills in all terrain conditions. Next, we make mogul skiing easy through new insights that demystify mogul terrain, and smart tactics to help you intelligently ski bumps with confidence using low impact techniques that are easy on your knees and back without the need for fast reflexes.

Aspen/Snowmass Skiing Clinics
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