About Bumps for Boomers

aspenmogulsA successful learning environment is fostered by the personal connection between client and coach. We invite you to spend a few minutes getting to know us and our clients to help you determine if our program is a good fit for your skiing goals.

BUMPS FOR BOOMERS is a specialty program of the Ski and Snowboards Schools of Aspen and our coaches are highly experienced ski instructors. But we’re not all about certifications and procedures. Primarily, we’re infinitely passionate about skiing and finding creative ways to teach clients how to ski moguls and powder. Each of our coaches has taken a unique journey to the place they are today and we’re guessing their story overlaps with yours at some point in life.

The Backstory

Remember the TV show ‘Bet your Life’? When duck dropped? Well the duck dropped for founder Joe Nevin while driving through Vegas listening to the radio. That’s the backstory.

Meet the Coaches

Meet each of our coaches and get a feel for their perspectives on skiing. We’re all Boomers, loving life and eager to inspire. Meet the Coaches.

In the News

We’re grateful to the media for their coverage of our program. It’s always interesting to read the stories in the news after the writers take a clinic. Each one connects with the coaching in a unique way.

Meet Our Clients

aspenB4BMost importantly, meet our clients. We’ve posted stats on demographics and feedback from clinic surveys. See what they have to say. We’re betting you’ll find someone with whom you have a lot in common. We’re so much more than ‘just’ a ski lesson. We’re a community of passionate, like-minded adults from all walks of life who just aren’t ready to limit ourselves because the calendar says we’re a certain age.

Contact Us

We realize it’s the 21st century and your life is busy. So we’re adding on-line reservations. But honestly, most of our clients have lots of questions. So we e-mail or talk or text until their questions are answered. Call us, e-mail us or text us @ 970-989-2529.


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