How To Ski Moguls â€“ Watch an 82 Year Old Conquer The Bumps

Introducing the Premier “Learn How to Ski Moguls” Program For Baby Boomers

PageImgFredHerr322x370Teaching Baby Boomer and senior skiers how to ski moguls and powder is the ONLY thing that the Aspen Colorado BUMPS FOR BOOMERS ® program does.

If you are a Boomer or senior skier, this laser-sharp focus on how to ski moguls will enable you to achieve remarkable success. We guarantee it. Our clients rated BUMPS FOR BOOMERS as ‘significantly’ or ‘somewhat better’ than other ski lesson programs they have taken.

The vast majority of our mogul ski lesson customers are Baby Boomers in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. But, every once in a while we have an exception to this age range.

Ski For Life! – Learn How to Ski Moguls And Extend YOUR Ski Season Into Your 80’s Like Our Hero Fred Herr

In the 2008 ski season we had the privilege of meeting and skiing Aspen Mountain moguls with Fred Herr from Plymouth, Michigan. Fred, it turns out, is not only an “exception”, but he is also an “exceptional” octogenarian skier.

Fred was one of the most upbeat, cheerful, optimistic, positive attitude skiers to ever learn how to ski moguls in our BUMPS FOR BOOMERS mogul skiing clinic. It turns out, by chance, that he is also our most senior skier to-date to have discovered how to ski moguls. Although he looks and skis like someone 20 years his junior – Fred was born in 1925 which, by our calculation, makes him 82 years young when he came to ski with us!

Fred really inspired both his fellow clinic participants and coaches alike as he learned new techniques for how to ski moguls. Fortunately, we were able to get some video of Fred from his BUMPS FOR BOOMERS clinic. We hope you enjoy watching.

Sadly Fred passed away a few years ago but we honor his legacy, his spirit and his passion for learning!

You Too Can Discover How to Ski Moguls And Powder …
More Efficiently, Using Less Energy And With Full Control

Learn more about how to ski moguls and how the nationally recognized Aspen Colorado BUMPS FOR BOOMERS ski lesson program can quickly turn you into a confident mogul and powder skier.

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