Common Mogul Skiing Problems Experienced By Skiers

Baffled By The Bumps?

Most skiers experience a long list of common mogul skiing problems when they try to adventure off of groomed runs into mogul and powder terrain. Is that your experience? Do You Want To Ski Moguls But Just Can’t Seem To Figure It Out?

Take This Quiz: Are You Experiencing Any Of These Common Mogul Skiing Problems:

  • When you attempt to ski moguls and powder do you struggle?
  • When you are faced with anxiety and uncertainty in the bumps do you tend to make quick moves, which throw you out of balance?
  • Do you gain increasing speed with every turn you make – forcing you to stop and re-group every 4 or 5 turns? (a concept often referred to as an attempt to recover from a linked series of recoveries)
  • Do you find yourself zooming through mogul troughs completely out of control and on the edge of crazy?
  • Are you unsure where your eyes should be looking when you initiate a turn?
  • Do you avoid large clumps of snow because you think you are likely to cross your ski tips and fall?
  • Are you unsure of what is the easiest, slowest and safest route to ski through a mogul run?
  • On a steeper mogul or powder run do you feel that you must move ever faster – but that your reflexes can no longer keep up?
  • Are you unsure of whether you current ski model or ski length is making it easier, or more difficult, to ski in mogul and powder terrain?

You Are Not The Only One Baffled By How To Ski Moguls

If these descriptions resonate with you and you want to confidently ski moguls then you will clearly benefit from our new approach to mogul skiing.

Interestingly enough, skiers who struggle when they attempt to ski moguls and powder tend to have a set of common mogul skiing problems that can be easily fixed. That’s the good news.

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