The Most Difficult  Way To Ski Bumps | Ski  The Zipper Line

The Zipper Line is the most difficult way to ski bumps. It is the most challenging and highest speed mogul skiing tactic  and requires strong athleticism, lightening-fast reflexes and minimal concern for one’s orthopedic well-being.

The Zipper Line is the most challenging way to ski a mogul run


The Zipper Line mogul skiing technique is a method of skiing a mogul run where you essentially go straight down the fall line in a straight run with minimal turns (think Johnny Mosley or Jeremy Bloom). This method of mogul skiing is typified by literally bouncing off the top of every mogul. The Zipper Line mogul technique requires rapid extension and contraction movements often with the skier’s knees up around their ears pumping up and down like pistons.

We can safely say that the Zipper Line mogul skiing tactic is not appropriate, under any circumstance, for Boomers or conservative recreational skiers because of the need for strong athleticism and ultra-fast reflexes. It does not pass the “smart, sane and intelligent way to ski moguls” test. Consequently, we will eliminate the Zipper Line from our list of considered Smart Tactic options and, as a result, we will not include either illustrations or videos of the Zipper Line route.

We are now left with 3 Primary routes or skiing lines to consider when skiing moguls: The Green Line, The Blue Line and The Black Line.

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