If You Are Skiing Too Fast Don’t Make A New Turn

Many skiers continually pick up speed when skiing in the bumps. To avoid imminent disaster they attempt to make a series of quick turns but fail to slow themselves down unless they forcefully slam on the brakes.

You Will Initially Accelerate And Ski Even Faster When You Start A New Turn

When you find yourself skiing too fast – and thinking “YIKES!” – is your first thought to quickly make a turn in order to slow down?

If so, you may want to reconsider this immediate Pavlovian life-saving reaction. It is completely counter-intuitive but you should avoid turning if you are going too fast.


Answer: Because when you initiate a new turn your skis will enter the fall line and will accelerate. Net result: your speed will increase even more.

Regain Speed Control Before You Make A New Turn

Your best strategy, if skiing too fast for your comfort level, is not to make a new turn but rather to do the opposite by progressively steering your skis up the hill until you decelerate and slow down. Wait until you slow down and regain speed control before you make a new turn.

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