Make One Turn At A Time In The Bumps for Reduced Anxiety

We advocate making one turn at a time in moguls rather than to pre-plan each and every turn location before you begin to ski a mogul run.

When thinking about mogul technique the “classical” method of route planning is for the skier to stand at the top of the mogul run and, in advance, plot a detailed route and sequence of specific points where each and every turn will be made. We don’t recommend that approach unless you plan on skiing the run at Mach 5.  Why?

First, mogul and powder terrain is inconsistent and, as a result, you are likely to miss a turn or change your mind and decide to turn elsewhere when you get a closer look at the situation.
Second, if you pre-plan each and every turn you will have to toss your plan out the window in the middle of the mogul run if one of your turns does not go as planned. And, then you are left without any plan.
You don’t need to pre-plan your entire route through a mogul run. A better strategy is to ski the run at a slower pace and just focus on just making one turn at a time. That simplifies the planning process and can break a large and scary bump run into a series of easy individual turns which reduces both the perceived challenge and the fear factor.

Said another way: eat the mogul run one bite at a time by making one turn at a time.  It is easier and a lot less stressful.

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