How To Ski Moguls With More Control | Introduction

If your goal is to ski moguls with more control it is important to understand the variables that you can manage to control your speed.

In this section of the Mogul Technique Learning Center we will explain why it is so difficult to ski with good control in mogul and powder terrain. And, we will provide you mogul skiing techniques that are guaranteed to give you more control in the bumps.

But let us initiate the discussion by introducing the concept of Perpendicularity.


Perpendicularity is how you achieve more speed control when you are on a ski slope.

Perpendicularity refers to the relationship between your skis and the fall line of the terrain underneath your feet. It is one of the most most fundamental concepts behind how to ski with good control on any terrain. We conceived, and use, the word Perpendicularity because it is an attention-getting word.

The concept is simple. If your skis are perpendicular, or higher, to the fall line underneath your feet then you will slow down and/or stop.

Gravity is a force that wants to pull us down the hill when we are skiing. If our skis are pointing even slightly down the fall line then gravity takes over and our skis begin to accelerate down the hill.

If our skis are perpendicular to, or slightly higher, than the fall line underneath your feet then you are positioned to resist the pull of gravity and you will slow down and/or stop. This is so because your uphill ski edges of both skis are in the snow and the full length of your ski edges are a counter-force to the pull of gravity.

So, for good speed control, always remember to counter the pull of gravity by steering your skis perpendicular, or higher, to the fall line underneath your feet.

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