Keep Your Hands Forward To Ski With Less Fatigue

This recommendation on how to ski with less fatigue is also mentioned in the Better Balance section of the Mogul Skiing Technique Learning Center. In addition to facilitating better balance, keeping your hands forward also contributes to a tall stance (discussed above) and further enables your skeleton, rather than your muscular system, to support your body weight.

In order to remain balanced over your feet and supported by your skeleton rather than quadricep muscles you need to keep both of your arms forward. If you don’t, dropping your hands toward your waist will almost certainly result in your center of mass being behind your feet – a.k.a. skiing “in the back seat”. In that back seat position your quadricep muscles do most of the work to hold you upright.

So, here is the rule-of-thumb: to ski with less fatigue (and better balance) keep your elbows in front of your rib cage, your hands wider than your elbows and your knuckles rolled down toward the snow.

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