Start Each Mogul Run With A Slow Entry Pace

You will have more control in the bumps if you begin each mogul run at a slow and conservative entry pace instead of letting your emotions get the best of you.

When you are standing at the top of a mogul run it is easy for your emotions to rise. Often that may take the form of an increase in anxiety, nervousness, outright fear, mental confusion and/or an adrenaline rush.

When those conditions exist there is a tendency to jump into the run with a sense of urgency. That in turn typically translates into a fast start that establishes a skiing pace that is much faster than desired, raising your concerns further.

A better strategy is to calm yourself and to start your mogul run by making slow initial turns. A more conservative entry into the bump run enables you to get a feeling for the snow conditions, the size and shape of the moguls and the steepness of the hill. After you test out the conditions you can then decide to maintain your conservative entry pace or, if feeling more confident, to be a little more aggressive. However, once you start skiing a mogul run at too quick a pace and find yourself on “the edge of crazy” it is usually very difficult to slow yourself down before you spin out-of-control.

So, begin each mogul run by thinking how slowly can you make the initial turns and you will be more successful in staying in control.

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