Re-Balance On Your Uphill Ski Before Each New Turn

For better balance on the ski slope rebalance on your uphill ski before each new turn.

Given that most skiers have been taught to keep their weight on their downhill ski why do we recommend that you should step to, and balance on, the uphill ski prior to initiating a turn?

The answer is simple. At turn initiation your uphill ski is also the “about to be the downhill ski” once the uphill ski crossed the fall line. By balancing on the uphill ski prior to the turn, you are merely establishing an early balance on the soon-to-be downhill ski. If you establish an early balance on the ski then you just need to retain that balance as your skis accelerate and move through the turn. If you wait to your ski crosses the fall line to establish balance on the downhill ski then you are likely introducing a lot of upper body movement in the middle of the turn, which increases the chance that you will throw yourself out of balance.

If you do not establish balance on the uphill ski prior to turn initiation then you run the risk of initiating a turn with a stem (sliding the tail of the uphill ski out to get a head start on making the turn). If you stem your turns you will forever be a terminal intermediate skier. And if you stem your turns in moguls and powder it creates instability and a risk of crossing your ski tips.

Why does rebalancing on the uphill ski prevent a stemmed turn?

Test out this theory. The next time you are on your skis, point your skis perpendicular to the fall line and balance with the majority of your weight on your uphill ski. Then try and stem the uphill ski. You will note that it is virtually impossible to stem a ski that you are standing and balanced on.

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