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4 Primary Techniques To Ski Moguls | Mogul Tactics

When you are learning smart mogul tactics it is important to understand that there are four different ways – or mogul skiing routes – to ski a mogul run. The four primary techniques to ski moguls are presented in order of the slowest and most controlled route to the fastest route:

Mogul Skiing Technique 1: Ski The Green Line

The Green Line mogul skiing technique is the easiest and slowest way to ski a mogul run and does not require fast reflexes. Metaphorically, The Green Line enables you to transform a challenging bump into a highly-controlled and easy-to-ski green run.

Mogul Skiing Technique 2: Ski The Blue Line

The Blue Line mogul skiing technique is a slightly faster route that also does not require fast reflexes. Metaphorically, The Blue Line enables you to ski any bump run as if were an intermediate blue run.

Mogul Skiing Technique 3: Ski The Black Line

The Black Line mogul skiing technique is a faster way to ski a mogul run that will typically challenge your reflex speed. It enables you to ski a challenging bump run as if it was a black diamond run.

Mogul Skiing Technique 4: Ski The Zipper Line

The Zipper Line is the fastest way to ski a mogul run and requires lightening fast reflexes. You might think of the Zipper Line as a double-black expert way to ski moguls.

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