How To Ski Moguls With Less Fatigue | Final Thoughts

Good skiing skills are often counter-intuitive. Such is true for many mogul skiing techniques that will result in less fatigue. Skiing with efficient movement patterns will reduce fatigue, make skiing more fun and enable you to ski more hours in any given day, ski more days in a ski season and ski more years into the future. Efficient skiing and less fatigue will result in skiing longevity.

Here are several things you can do to ski with less fatigue:

  • Ski with a tall stance and keep your legs long (flex at your ankles rather than bending your knees and/or crouching down) and keep your hands forward so that your skeleton supports your body’s weight rather than requiring your quadriceps muscles to do that job.
  • Avoid abrupt movements and quick turns so that you can stay more balanced and flow through moguls and powder without the need for fast reflexes. To establish a smooth and controlled flow only turn to a drift or drift to a turn.
  • Master the 5 step effortless turn movement pattern which is a very efficient way to ski both mogul and powder terrain.

Continue learning how to become a better mogul skier using techniques that enable you to confidently and safely ski the entire mountain. The next section of the Mogul Skiing Techniques Learning Center will demystify mogul terrain and help you better understand how to use the unique features of mogul terrain to your advantage.

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