Mix And Match Routes To Have More Fun Skiing Moguls

Mogul skiing becomes more fun when you can mix and match routes when you ski mogul terrain. Choose from the three best, safest and most controlled smart mogul skiing tactics: The Green Line Mogul Skiing Technique, The Blue Line Mogul Skiing Technique and The Black Line Mogul Skiing Technique.

Mix And Match 3 Routes

Our recommendation is that you eliminate the alternative “ski the zipper line” from the possible alternative routes. That leaves the 3 remaining routes. But, the idea is not to ski an entire run using solely any one of these 3 lines but rather to mix and match each turn using one of the 3 lines depending upon:

  • your personal frame of mind (mood, confidence level, fatigue level, etc.),
  • terrain characteristics (steepness, size of moguls, shape of moguls, how close or far apart the moguls are, length of the run, etc.) and
  • weather/visibility factors (clear skies, snow storm, good visibility, whiteout, flat light, etc.).

If you are feeling frisky, it is a blue-sky day and the mogul run is not steep and the bumps are far apart, then you may opt to incorporate some Black Line turns. On the other hand, if it is the end of the day and you are tired or visibility is poor or the mogul run is steep, you may opt to ski The Green Line for a greater percentage of your turns.

So,  mix and match routes, as appropriate, for the circumstances in order to stay in-control and in-balance. Mix it up and have more fun.

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