Master A Zero Momentum Turn To Ski Slowly In Moguls

There is a mistaken belief that you must maintain a significant amount of forward momentum in order to successfully complete the next turn otherwise you and your skis will rocket down the fall line out of control.

It is not necessary to have a lot of momentum in order to initiate a turn. By using the right movement pattern it is quite easy to make a nice turn from a slow speed or even a dead stop.

Introducing The Zero Momentum Turn

To illustrate that you do not need forward momentum to make a turn stand at a dead stop with your skis perpendicular to the fall line and with your ski poles out of the snow. Extend and balance on your uphill leg (long legs). Then, imagine your upper body as a single unit and simultaneously move your sternum, hips and hands forward in the direction of the new turn. Next, WAIT for gravity to begin the turn by pulling your skis into the fall line.

It seems counter-intuitive but you will have more success at turn initiation if you just balance on the uphill ski and wait for gravity to take charge rather than trying to quickly turn your skis. The faster you try and turn, the greater the likelihood you will end up on a high edge angle with your skis accelerating out from under you.

The ability to initiate turns without a lot of forward momentum (a.k.a. a zero momentum turn) will make it much easier to ski moguls with more control.

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