Avoid Mogul Troughs For More Speed Control In The Bumps

An amazingly large number of beginner mogul skiers believe that the way you are supposed to a ski mogul run is to ski the troughs between moguls. It is perceived as obvious because it looks like everyone who has previously skied the mogul run has skied through the troughs.

Skiing through mogul troughs can be a fun strategy if you are in your 20’s or 30’s but it is not the optimum approach for Baby Boomers with slowing reflexes or if you are a conservative recreational skier with a preference to ski in a relaxed and controlled way in the bumps.

Skiing In Mogul Troughs Is A Fast Way To Ski A Mogul Run And Can Challenge Your Reflex Speed

Skiing through the troughs is the second fastest route through a mogul run  – just behind the Johnny Mosley “knees pumping up to the ears like pistons” down the zipper line approach – and it can often require lightening-fast reflexes if the pitch of the hill is steep.

if you rely on a mogul skiing technique that demands fast reflexes – such as skiing the mogul troughs – then you will ultimately face two problems: declining reflex speed and/or steeper mogul runs.

Problem 1: If you rely on a mogul skiing technique that requires fast reflexes your reflex speed will slow down as you get older and, at some point, your reflex speed won’t be fast enough.

Problem 2: If you rely on a mogul skiing technique that requires fast reflexes then as a mogul run gets ever-steeper your reflex speed needs to be ever-faster and your reflex speed may not be fast enough.

Gain More Control In Moguls By Avoiding Troughs

So, unless a mogul run is not steep and/or the moguls are spaced widely apart you should avoid skiing mogul troughs in order have more control and not challenge your reflex speed.

Refer to the Smart Tactics section of the Mogul Technique Learning Center for recommended mogul skiing routes that provide much better control.

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