Phase 1 Lower Body Exercises

Lower Body Workout Exercises Develop A Leg Strength Foundation For Skiing

This video covering Phase 1 lower body workout exercises for leg strength exercises for skiing is just the first of three videos focused on leg strength exercises for skiing in our ski exercise program. There are also two other videos in the ski exercise program that illustrate more workout exercises for leg strength.

The Phase 1 Lower Body Workout Exercises Video Demonstrates Nine Key Workout Exercises For Skiing

The nine Phase 1 lower body workout exercises demonstrated in this video are: (1) the leg press, (2) the ball squat, (3) the wall squat, (4) the dumb bell bench squat, (5) the side step-up, (6) the backstep lunge, (7) the bent-over toe touch, (8) the hamstring curl on a ball and (9) developing an aerobic base.

Phase 1 Leg Exercises for Skiing

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