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The sport of skiing involves constant balance challenges coupled with high speed movements and quick position changes. Well conditioned skiers are able to control their center of mass which improves balance and control, decreases risk of injury, enhances enjoyment and extends skiing longevity.

A New Approach To Skiing Exercises: The Advanced 3-D Ski Fitness Video Program

Why train in 3-D? Because when you ski, you need to keep your center of mass over your base of support while constantly fighting simultaneous asymmetrical forces coming at you from 3 different directions (think 3-D) that seek to throw you out of balance. These 3-Dimensional forces are:

  • Fore/aft forces that want to pull you forward or push you backward.
  • Lateral forces that want to twist, rotate or tip you over.
  • Vertical axis forces that lift you higher or pull you lower.

The ideal ski conditioning program should focus on developing muscle movement patterns and on strengthening your core to resist these forces.

It’s interesting, however, that most traditional ski fitness exercises performed in the gym tend to be symmetrical and primarily train us to resist gravitational forces pulling at you from only one direction – down toward your feet (which is not what happens when you ski).

Bottom line: We often do ski fitness exercises in an environment that is not representative of what actually happens when you are skiing.

A Ski Fitness Program That Simulates Actual On-Snow Ski Forces

The advanced 3-D Ski Fitness Program is designed to simulate the actual multiple 3-Dimensional asymmetrical forces you experience when skiing on snow and to strengthen your core to resist those forces. This will make you a stronger skier with better balance and better control – particularly in mogul and powder terrain.

How You Will Benefit From 3-D Ski Fitness Training

What are the results you can expect from using the free 3D program? A stronger, more stable core that will decrease those back aches at the end of a long ski day. You’ll learn to avoid twisting movements and turn from your hips. Increased hip strength actually protects your knees. And you’ll be surprised at the cardio work-out! Your stamina will increase which is especially helpful when traveling to high altitudes like Aspen.

Train For Ski Fitness Using The 3-Dimensional Skiing Exercises In This Video Program

The advanced 3-D Ski Fitness Program is explained and demonstrated in the following three ski exercise videos. This program uses a TRX ® Rip Trainer which is readily available from TRX ®.

You can use these 3-D ski exercises as a standalone ski fitness program or combine them with the Basic Skiing Exercises Video Program for the ultimate ski fitness workout.

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About Bill Fabrocini – Your Basic Ski Fitness Video Program Coach

Bill FabrociniBill Fabrocini (PT, OCS, CSCS) is a Physical Therapist and Sports Trainer at the Aspen Club Sports Medicine Institute in Aspen, Colorado. His credentials are second-to-none in the area of sports training and sports science. He trains both professional and Olympic athletes.

Bill’s client list includes Chris Klug – Salt Lake City Olympic Snowboard Medalist, Gretchen Blieler – three time ESPN Winter X Games gold medalist and 2006 Winter Olympics snowboard medalist, Casey Pucket – four-time alpine skiing Olympic team member and two time ESPN Winter X Games Skiercross gold medalist.

In addition he also collaborates, and works with, with John McBride – former head coach of the USA Ski Team and former private coach to Bode Miller – on training strategies for high performance ski athletes.

Other clients include David Robinson – former NBA Champion and MVP, Martina Navratolova and Conchita Martinez – both Tennis Grand Slam Champions and Jane Geddes – US Open Women’s Golf Champion – in addition to the many other recreational athletes he sees daily. Bill is one of the most sought-after trainers in Aspen.

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