Keep Hands Forward And Quiet To Ski With Better Balance

Skiing with with your hands forward and quiet is probably the single largest determinator of your ability to ski in balance – whether you are skiing on a groomed run or in mogul and powder terrain.

If you drop your hands down near your hips it will shift your center of mass behind your heels. In that position you will be upright on your skis but out-of-balance and in the “back seat” leaning against the back of your boot cuffs. Not only will you be out-of-balance but your quads will be doing most of the work to hold you upright and it is much more difficult to initiate turns when your center of mass is behind your feet. Likewise. if your hands are not quiet and flailing around it will be extremely difficult for you to maintain a balanced, centered position.

To increase the likelihood that you are skiing with better balance remember these five cues for proper hand position:

  • elbows in front of rib cage
  • hands wider than elbows and approximately waist high,
  • knuckles rolled down toward the snow and pole baskets behind you
  • keep your hands quiet with minimal arm movement
  • make sure you can see both hands in your peripheral vision at all times

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