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Proper Skiing Technique - The Blue Line Is Also A Slow Route For Skiing Moguls

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Proper Skiing Technique - The Blue Line Is Also A Slow Route For Skiing Moguls

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The Blue Line Enables You To Ski A Black Diamond Mogul Run Like It Is A Blue Intermediate Run

Skiing the Blue Line is where you initiate each turn on the flat top of a mogul - but rather than the Green Line where you ski on the same front face of the mogul that you inititated your turn on - you complete your turn by skiing on the high side of the ridge line of the mogul that is ADJACENT to the mogul that you inititated your turn on.

Visualize the Blue Line as similar to skiing on the high side of a banked NASCAR oval race track. You want to stay high above the trough which is to the inside of your turn. This enables you to do a better job of controlling your speed in two ways:

First, you are not stuck in, and at the mercy of, the trough ... which is like a high-speed bobsled run.

Second, when ski near the ridge line of the adjacent mogul you can drift on a soft edge (less edge angle) which slows you down and enables you to avoid carving (which will generate speed).

Proper Ski Technique - The Blue Line Is The Second Slowest Way To Ski A Mogul Run

 Mogul Run
 The Blue Line

The benefits of the Blue Line are as follows:

(1) The Blue Line is the second slowest way to ski a mogul run.

(2) The Blue Line is a slightly faster line (mogul skiing 102) than the Green Line but it still provides you an alternative method of staying balanced and remaining in good control.

(3) It gives you an alternative mogul technique (another tool in your toolbox) to skiing moguls and you can inter-mix the Green Line and the Blue Line in a single mogul run for greater flexibility to adopt to the specific mogul terrain you encounter.

(4) along with the Green Line, the Blue Line does not require you to rely on the speed of your reflexes - which means that it is also a great mogul technique to learn if you anticipate that your reflex speed may decline as you get older.

Remember: If you rely on a mogul technique that depends upon reflex speed then you will need to have progressively faster reflexes as pitch of the run increases.

When thinking about proper ski technique for moguls the Blue Line is the next step beyond the Green Line.

As your confidence and skills grow by skiing the Green Line - and you are ready for a slightly faster line - you may choose to transition to the blue Line or even a faster line.

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