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A New Approach for Efficient Learning

Ski For Life offers a new approach and a unique perspective to ski instruction that begins with the goals and aspirations of our clients. We produce results via:

  • Expert Skier Attributes: Specific drills and movement patterns that result in these skier traits: Better balance, more control, less fatigue, greater precision, increased efficieny, effortless turns, reduced anxiety, more confidence, low impact to joints, smooth slow motion, smart terrain tactis and reduced risk of injury.
  • Systematic Approach: Ski For Life provides a logical and systematic approach to better skiing. We have “road-tested” and fine-tuned this teaching methodology over the last 17 years.
  • Multi-Day Clinic Advantage: Truly learning new skiing skills requires repetitive practice with coached feedback. Because skiing is a movement pattern sport, the continuity of a multi-day clinic has a dramatic learning advantage over a half-day or single full-day lesson.
  • Making Complexity Simple: You will learn a few simple, easy-to-learn concepts that make learning easy. Simple metaphors replace confusing terminology.
  • Highly Experienced Coaches: our hand-picked coaches have decades of ski instruction experience with Ski For Life techniques. They are personally committed to creating an environment where you can safely learn and achieve your skiing goals.
  • Skiing Longevity: The skills you master will also extend your skiing longevity. You’ll be equipped to ski more hours per ski day, more ski days per season and more seasons over the years. We literally can help you Ski For Life™.

In ski instruction, when innovation and simplicity come together in the right formula, customers learn good skiing techniques easier and faster than traditional lessons.

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