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Learning to ‘read’ moguls and a mogul run, can make mogul skiing easier and less intimidating. The photo below highlights the seven terrain elements of a mogul. Once you can successfully identify the individual elements of a mogul, you can more easily decide where to make a turn. The flat top is the easiest place to make a turn and helps to control your speed through the mogul field. We deconstruct that route in more detail in our “Green Line” video, but there are other routes to choose; it all depends on your ability to control your speed and maintain balance. 

Here’s the same photo without annotation. Do you see the terrain elements? 

Move from One Mogul to a Mogul Field View

Now that you can identify the mogul terrain elements, the next step is to ‘read’ the entire mogul field. When you find yourself at the top of a mogul run do you look down the hill with anxiety at the entirety of the challenge that lies ahead? We have a better suggestion. Don’t focus on the size of the moguls or the ugly troughs or the large number of moguls between you and the bottom of the run. Instead, focus on the geography of each individual mogul, one mogul at a time. View each mogul as a mini-mountain with the goal to make just one good turn on each mini-mountain instead of making a bunch of turns on a bunch of moguls. Eat (ski) the elephant (the entire mogul run) one bite (mogul) at a time”.

Our free mogul skiing tips give you more new insights into how to read a mogul field and ski it in control and with better balance. Subscribe today and make this season your best season ever. 

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