Think Different: “Make Complexity Simple” Concepts Applied To Skiing Instruction

Make Skiing Simple

Apple4-SilverLogoOnBlk300x245To simplify the learning experience and ‘make complexity simple” the BUMPS FOR BOOMERS difference is that we simplify the user interface (e.g. understanding) between the skier and the mountain. We:

(1) replace confusing terminology and skiing exercises with a few simple, easy-to-learn concepts

(2) emphasize the most important 20% of skiing knowledge that make 80% of the difference in one’s skiing ability

Using a few very simple, but highly effective, concepts such as “perpendicularity”, the “zero momentum turn”, “drifting”, the importance of “hands” and using your “eyes” as a resource, your balance and control will dramatically improve.

“Signature” Skiing Tactics

Our “signature” Green Line and Blue Line skiing tactics simplify your understanding of off-piste terrain and enable you to confidently and safely navigate through mogul and powder terrain, most importantly without the need for fast reflexes !

Eliminating the need for fast reflex speed is a major differentiator of our program that will produce a major breakthrough in your personal skiing and give you the skills to Ski For Life™.

When skiing “technology” – buzz words, industry terminology, etc. – get out of the way and concepts are presented in plain english the user (you, the skier) will master new techniques faster.

The bottom line: BUMPS FOR BOOMERS makes skiing simple – on all terrain.

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