Ski For Life Skiing Techniques

This is a video demonstration of how to use the BUMPS FOR BOOMERS ® Ski For Life skiing techniques to confidently and safely ski mogul terrain. It integrates all of the techniques from our free Ski For Life™ email tips and on-snow skiing programs. The video illustrates how you can ski mogul terrain with Better Balance, More Control, Greater Efficiency and Less Fatigue … with Smart Tactics that turn challenging off-piste runs into easily skiable terrain …  using movement patterns that are Low ImpactEasy On Your Knees And Back and Do Not Require Fast ReflexesAnd to answer a frequently asked question, no, this video was not filmed in slow motion.

Please note a description of each of the Ski For Life™ skiing techniques being demonstrated in the text below the video.

Ski For Life Skiing Techniques
Demonstrated In This Mogul Skiing Video

Ski For Life Skiing Techniques For Better Balance: 
Keeping hands hands forward and quiet; use of a tall stance with long legs; initiating each new turn merely by extending (lengthening) the uphill leg while moving forward onto the toes; leading each turn with a pole touch while moving hips, sternum and hands in the direction of the new turn; keeping feet and ski tips relatively even to each other to make it easier to shift balance from one ski to another; skiing with a narrow stance to keep both feet on the same consistency of snow.

Ski For Life Skiing Techniques For More Control: 
Patient slow-motion turns where you wait for gravity to  to move the skis in the direction of the fall line before steering the skis; steering skis perpendicular, or higher than the fall line in order to decelerate before you initiate each new turn; drifting rather than carving turns for maximum speed control; and, continuously looking DOWN the ski run at the next intended turn location – rather than looking in the direction of where your skis are pointed.

Ski For Life Skiing Techniques For Greater Efficiency And Less Fatigue:
Skiing in a tall stance with long legs so your skeleton, rather than your muscular system, supports your body weight; initiating turns merely by making you short leg long; skiing slower to minimize the need for dynamic flexion and extension movements; primarily flexing ankles rather than bending knees; and moving as little as possible and only move in slow motion what needs to move.

Ski For Life Skiing Techniques To Demystify and Simplify Mogul Terrain: 
Taking advantage of the 7 terrain features of every mogul; visualizing how a mogul run is a repeating pattern of individual moguls, each with these 7 terrain features, connected together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle; and understanding how to minimize anxiety by only making turns in friendly locations

Ski For Life Skiing Techniques For Smart Tactics: 
Using Green Line and Blue Line techniques that turn challenging mogul runs into easily skiable terrain; only doing one of two things –  turning to a drift or drifting to a turn; and rather than pre-planning an entire series of turn locations just focus on making one good turn at a time.

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