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If you are on this web page then the odds are that you are a Baby Boomer or senior skier who wants to learn how to ski moguls or how to ski powder with confidence and control.

Or, you may be one of the many skiers who feel like they are stuck in the fabled "intermediate rut".

In either case, you are in the right place. And, we can help you.

We've "cracked the code" that will make mogul skiing and powder skiing easy for you.

BUMPS FOR BOOMERS ® is an innovative Aspen Colorado ski lesson program that was designed from the ground up to quickly teach intermediate-level Baby Boomer and senior skiers how to ski moguls and how to ski powder.

Intermediate-level, groomed run Boomers will quickly become confident mogul and powder skiers in just a few short days. You will learn to ski terrain that you previously considered beyond your capabilities. Guaranteed!

BUMPS FOR BOOMERS will empower you to redefine your own personal skiing limits and open up the mountain for a whole new world of skiing enjoyment.

This is not a conventional mogul ski lesson program.

Learn how Apple product design concepts influenced the
BUMPS FOR BOOMERS mogul and powder ski lesson program:

Think Different: Apple Concepts Applied To Ski Instruction

Teaching Boomers how to ski moguls and how to ski powder is the ONLY thing that we do.

This laser-sharp focus enables you to quickly achieve a real breakthrough in your skiing. 73% of customers surveyed last season rated BUMPS FOR BOOMERS as SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than other ski lessons that they had previously taken.

The BUMPS FOR BOOMERS mogul skiing and powder skiing program was designed by Boomers ... for Boomers ... and is taught by Boomers. If you are a Boomer skier we understand your needs. 87% of our customers are age 50 or older.

Watch Our Customer Testimonial Video!
What Customers Say About BUMPS FOR BOOMERS

You will learn new mogul skiing skills and powder skiing skills at a rate that cannot be achieved using more traditional approaches.

We began with a clean sheet of paper and a very specific goal of teaching terminal intermediate-level Boomers how to ski moguls and powder with total confidence and full control in the shortest time possible. Our research resulted in a "Think Different" approach that will produce great results for you.

You will learn the most important 20% of the information that you need which will make 80% of the difference in your mogul skiing.

You will learn new techniques designed to offset slowing reflexes. In fact, you will learn how to ski moguls WITHOUT the need for fast reflexes!

You will learn the four different ways to ski a mogul run ... and which is the safest and most controlled way.

You will learn new mogul techniques that will enable you to view a black diamond mogul run as a green or blue run by learning to ski "The Green Line" and the "Blue Line".

And, you will experience the benefits of skiboard training - 95cm short skis that enable you to learn learn mogul and powder techniques DRAMATICALLY faster.

The bottom line: our coaching method in combination with skiboard training produces the fastest, easiest and lowest anxiety way for you to become a confident mogul and powder skier.

Want to become a better mogul skier and powder skier?

This web site offers you two resources to help you do that.

Mogul Skiing Resource 1: our Aspen Colorado Ski Instruction Program where you can put these concepts into practice on snow and be coached by hand-selected Aspen ski instructors who are highly experienced in producing great results for Baby Boomer and senior skiers.

Mogul Skiing Resource 2: our Mogul Skiing Learning Center where you will learn all about mogul skiing techniques.

BUMPS FOR BOOMERS ® is a nationally recognized mogul ski lesson and powder ski lesson program in Aspen Colorado. It is an adult specialty program of the Aspen Skiing Company and the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen/Snowmass.

BUMPS FOR BOOMERS is appropriate for any intermediate-level skier and is taught on Aspen Mountain. Advance reservations required. See how to book an Aspen ski lesson.

Ask about exclusive Aspen Colorado discount lift tickets available through our ski program.

If you are ready to learn the skills to get off the groomed runs and to start comfortably and safely skiing the entire mountain, BUMPS FOR BOOMERS is the program to make it happen for you. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks.

You will not find a faster, easier or lower anxiety way to become a confident mogul and powder skier.

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