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Learn New Mogul Skiing Skills Faster by Training on Short Skis

Skiing is all about using neuromuscular movement patterns. If you’ve been skiing for years, consciously or not, your body has learned movement patterns – some good movements that should be retained as well as some movements that should be modified or replaced if you want to become a better skier.

Remember the cliché’ definition of insanity? Doing the same things but expecting a different result? If you’re not skiing the way you want, those learned movement patterns might need tweaking. The challenge is changing those patterns while you’re sliding down a mountain. Read more to learn why training on short skis is an important element for becoming a better skier!

Accelerated Learning, Reduced Anxiety And Greater Convenience

Training on short skis accelerate learning, reduce anxiety and provide greater convenience.

Over the past 16 seasons we used and promoted the use of skiboard training in our program because they enabled clients to learn new skills much faster. But some clients found the non-releasable binding inconvenient. To provide a better client experience, we road-tested, or perhaps better said, we snow-tested, our Ski For Life™ techniques using traditional skis with releasable bindings but in a short length. The accelerated learning curve is the same, and the transition to a traditional length ski is even easier. We are pleased to announce that for the 2019-2020 season, BUMPS FOR BOOMERS is moving from training on skiboards on day 1 and 2 of the clinic to training on short traditional skis for those two initial days.

You will gain the following benefits from training on short skis during the first two ays of the 4-day mogul clinic:

  • Short skis provide you clear and instantaneous feedback on your stance, producing a more centered and balanced skier.
  • A short ski has a smaller turning radius than a traditional length ski which provides better speed control enabling patient, rounded turns and reduced anxiety – even in moguls and powder.
  • A short ski’s reduced length makes turning easier which builds confidence in three-dimensional terrain presented by moguls and powder.
  • The slightly longer length and 80mm width underfoot makes it even easier to drift your turns and control your speed.
  • A short ski retains the same benefit of less terrain anxiety as with skiboards.
  • Short skis are lighter than traditional length skis, reducing both fatigue and knee stress.
  • Newly learned skills on short skis easily transfer back to your traditional length skis.
  • It will be easier to ski in deeper snow on a good powder morning.
  • Using step-in, releasable bindings on the short skis will be a great leap forward in convenience for participants.
And, finally, because of all of the above, you quickly move into confidently and safely skiing mogul and powder terrain. Your new confidence enables you to gain important mileage skiing moguls and experience in making terrain selection decisions.

Our goal is not to have you toss away your traditional-length skis and convert you to short skis, but rather to use the best tool for the job. And when teaching you to quickly learn mogul and powder skiing skills, short skis deliver accelerated learning benefits that traditional length skis cannot.


The use of short skis are included in the cost of a BUMPS FOR BOOMERS clinic.

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