Think Different: How Apple Concepts Have Influenced BUMPS FOR BOOMERS Ski Instruction

Apple2-Campus300x245Before moving to Aspen and pursuing his dream of living in the mountains Joe Nevin spent 12 years working at Apple. Apple “category-killer innovation”, “Think different.” and “make complexity simple” concepts are engrained in the way he thinks.

Joe used his Apple experience to design BUMPS FOR BOOMERS using innovative ski instruction concepts that simplify the user interface (e.g. understanding of technique) between the skier and the mountain.

And, in ski instruction, when innovation and simplicity come together in the right formula, customers learn good skiing technique easier, and faster, with the following results:

  • better balance
  • better control
  • increased confidence
  • more efficient skiing
  • less fatigue
  • less anxiety
  • less stress to knees and back
And here is where the payoff comes … these new techniques will extend your skiing longevity and enable you to confidently and safely ski the entire mountain.

Using concepts taken directly from how Apple designs its award-winning products, BUMPS FOR BOOMERS re-engineered an approach to ski instruction that teaches the optimum blend of skills most appropriate for Baby Boomer and senior skiers.

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Category-killer Innovation Concepts Applied to Ski Lessons

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