Mogul Ski Technique: New Insight

You may believe, like many skiers, that mogul skiing is difficult, exhausting and unsafe – which leads you to remain on the perceived comfort and safety of groomed runs.

In actuality, however, mogul skiing and powder skiing is quite easy … and safe … once you understand a few simple techniques.

Most Skiers Have A Common Set Of Mogul Skiing Problems

Interestingly enough, skiers who struggle when they attempt to ski moguls and powder tend to have a common set of mogul skiing problems that can be easily fixed. That’s the good news.

Our Mogul Ski Technique Will Eliminate These Common Problems And Make Mogul Skiing Enjoyable For You

In the mogul technique described here … BUMPS FOR BOOMERS founder Joe Nevin, a 12 year Apple veteran, takes Apple’s core strength of “making complexity simple” and applies those “think different” concepts in a unique way to simplify ski instruction so Baby Boomer skiers learn new skills faster and have a more enjoyable skiing experience.

The mogul technique you are about to learn:

  • is optimized for the unique needs of Baby Boomer skiers.
  • is uniquely different in that the techniques do not require fast reflexes
  • has been simplified down to learning just 3 key things:.

control | balance | tactics

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