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Did You Know That Moguls Actually Move Uphill?

It is probably something that you never thought much about . How do moguls get formed and are they static or dynamic (e.g. do the stay put or do they move)?

Well, David Bahr, Tad Pleffer and Raymond Browning conducted a scientific study that uncovered the surprising motion of ski moguls … and how moguls defy intuition by migrating uphill, even though skiers and snow move downhill.

Don’t believe that moguls move uphill?

Watch this time lapse video by David Bahr showing the uphill migration of ski moguls on the Riflesight Notch ski run at Winter Park Ski Resort, Colorado.

Each frame of the movie is one day, and the movie lasts five months, starting in early December and ending in late April. The movie is brief, lasting only a couple of seconds to span the entire 2005 to 2006 ski season.

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