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Skiboards reduce anxiety and help you learn faster

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Realizing that it is difficult to remain calm in the face of anxiety and perceived danger, BUMPS FOR BOOMERS uses an innovative approach that incorporates training on skiboards ... very short 95cm shaped skis that, counter-intuitive to the short length, actually help you to be a more balanced skier.

These very maneuverable skis instantly bring out the playfulness in everyone. Consequently, your learning process will be fun, you will learn faster and you will experience the following benefits over training on your traditional length skis:

(1) Skiboards provide you clear and instantaneous feedback on your stance, producing a more centered and balanced skier.

(2) A skiboard's smaller turning radius provides better speed control enabling patient, rounded turns and reduced anxiety - even in moguls and powder.

(3) A skiboard's shorter length makes turning easier which builds confidence in three-dimentional terrain presented by moguls and powder.

(4) Skiboards are substantially lighter than traditional length skis, which reduces both fatigue and knee stress.

(5) Newly learned skills easily transfer back to your traditional length skis.

(6) And, finally, because of all of the above, you are able to quickly move into confidently skiing mogul and powder terrain and gain important mileage and experience in making terrain selection decisions.

You will learn new skills dramatically faster if you train using skiboards

You train on skiboards using your ski boots and ski poles. The number of days you spend on skiboards will depend upon which program you take.

Skiboards ski well in up to 12" to 18" of Colorado champagne powder. And, newly learned skills easily transfer back to your traditional length skis. However, be aware that skiboards are addictive and that many BUMPS FOR BOOMERS customers purchase skiboards and train on them periodically.

Our goal is not to have you toss away your traditional skis and convert you to skiboards. But, rather to use the best tool for the job. And when teaching you to quickly learn mogul and powder skiing skills, skiboards deliver benefits that traditional length skis cannot. What most customers have discovered, however, is that with the combination of new ski technology and your slowing Boomer reflexes, that shorter length skis perform better in all terrain conditions.

You can experience the benefits and come to your own personal conclusion.

Top skiers and the PSIA National Demo Team train with skiboards to fine-tune their skiing. Now you can too. You will be amazed at how quickly you will progress.

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