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An Introduction To How To Ski Moguls With Good Speed Control

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control | balance | tactics

Mogul Technique 1: Control

Learning how to ski moguls and how to ski powder - confidently and safely - is about three simple skills: control, balance and tactics.

Let's begin to learn how to ski moguls and powder by taking the first step - understanding how to achieve good speed control.

Have you noticed that 80+% of skiers spend most of their time on just the small 20% portion of the mountain that is groomed?

Have you experienced standing on the side of a ski run and being "buzzed" by a skier zooming by within a few feet of you at Mach 5 ... even though the run was 100 feet wide?

Have you attempted to ski a mogul run but quickly decided that it was time to get back to the comfort of a groomed run?

Do you wonder why groomed runs are so crowded at many popular ski areas?

We have a theory that explains what is going on - and why it is so difficult for you to learn how to ski moguls and powder. Keep reading to find out why.

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