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How To Ski Bumps - The Green Line Is The Easiest Way To Learn How To Ski Bumps

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How To Ski Bumps - If You Learn The Green Line Mogul Technique It Can Make A Black Diamond Bump Run Ski Like A Green Beginner Run

The Green Line is the slowest and most controlled way to ski a mogul run.

Green Line Skiing Tactics: First, familiarize yourself with our discussion of  mogul terrain. Initiate a turn on the flat top of a mogul and then "drift" (on soft edges with your skis perpendicular to the fall line) down the secondary fall lines and/or spines of that mogul to the next flat top of a mogul below where you intend to make your next turn. 

Visualize the Green Line as skiing from one flat mogul top to another flat mogul top.  And, since you are initiating each turn on a flat mogul top, you can think of it like making turns on a green beginner ski run.

Another way to visualize the Green Line is to think about the moguls as being stairs with flat tops. You then "walk" down the stairs - in a slow and controlled way - to the bottom of the mogul run.

How To Ski Bumps - The Green Line Is The Slowest Way To Ski A Mogul Run

 Mogul Run
 The Green Line

The benefits of the Green Line for learning how to ski bumps are as follows:

(1) the Green Line is the slowest way to ski a bump run.

(2) since this is the slowest line that you can use to ski a mogul run it gives you the best chance of staying in balance and the best likelihood that you will remain in maximum control.

(3) if you ski the Green Line then you will not be relying on the speed of your reflexes - which means that it is a great way to learn how to ski bumps if you anticipate that your reflex speed may decline as you get older.

Note: If you rely on a mogul technique for how to ski bumps which depends upon your reflex speed then you will need to have progressively faster reflexes as the pitch of the run increases.

The Green Line is the best mogul technique to use when first learning how to ski bumps because it provides the maximum speed control and therefore the quickest method to achieving confidence in off-piste terrain.

As your confidence and skill grows by skiing the Green Line you may choose to advance to the Blue Line ... or even a faster line.

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