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Customer Feedback On BUMPS FOR BOOMERS Ski Instruction

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We ask each of our mogul and powder skiing program participants to answer a "blind" survey and tell us how they felt about their participation in the Aspen, Colorado BUMPS FOR BOOMERS ® ski lesson program.

When asked: "Describe how you felt about your participation in the BUMPS FOR BOOMERS program. Any comments about the program design, coaching quality, knowledge you gained, new skills you learned and/or the degree to which we achieved your personal goals would be appreciated." ... here is what they told us - unedited and in the raw:

I came into this thinking I was a fairly "hot" skier & would pick up a few tips for doing bumps. Was I wrong! I found out more in two days than in any weeks worth of lessons I had ever taken. The individual attention & instruction for proper technique was by far the best I had ever had.

Larry Feher was the best ski instructor I've had, and I've had many. He quickly identified each of our major skiing flaws, and worked incessantly on those while preparing us for the bumps.

I was a little apprehensive at the start..but everyday I gained confidence. The instruction was repetitive which helped me once the course was finished. I found myself seeking Diamond runs to ski and felt so confident. I never would have skied Diamond runs before.

It is great to learn controlled skiing and the need not to go fast and enjoy.

Overall I was very surprised by how much I improved by taking the program. Joe and Larry had different teaching styles but they complimented each other very well. I don't give too many excellent ratings (10+ ratings), but this program definitely deserves a 10+.

The three days were as good as it gets. Joe and Larry crammed as much information about skiing and as much practice as anyone in our group could take. By the end of day 3, everyone had skied the last run they had in them and their brains were filled to capacity.

In the past five years, I have had 33 days of ski instruction. 30 days were with five other instructors (two weeks in Lito's courses and three weeks at Club Med, Crested Butte). The last three days were in your course. I can say, without exaggeration, I learned more in the FIRST day of your course than I learned in the other 30 days COMBINED. Your course has completely changed my attitude toward skiing. I used to ski half the mountain, the groomed half, and avoid the rest. Now, it's just the opposite. I have no use for groomed runs. They just get me to where the fun is.

One of the reasons for the success of this program is its emphasis on the basics; in my case, the breakthrough came about when the instructor identified and helped me begin to correct the flaw in the initiation of my turns. Although this program is described as a clinic for bumps, it also improves one's skiing on any terrain.

Joe is an excellent teacher and coach - just the fact that we were going down double blacks by the 2nd day is incredible! The method makes so much sense and really made skiing so much more enjoyable. The fear was improved though always lingering in the background! (: Best part - the basics that were repeated enough and practiced enough that they stayed in our long term memory and Joe's coaching style of making you do much more than your comfort level! (OH- I thought we were done with double blacks, Joe. Isn't that a double black? Very tricky!!)

Joe, as you know, I had a sciatic nerve problem during the course of instruction. This caused problems in so far as walking, but because of the soft, gentle and easy style of skiing that you teach in this course, I did not have any problems skiing. Just prior to arriving on the flat, fluffy covered with snow portion of the bump: stand tall (always), hands out (always), stand on the uphill ski, balance, patiently pressure the uphill ski boot to initiate the turn, make turn, point the skis uphill and drift to the next flat spot on the bump to start the sequence again. Simple concepts to understand and do. Great instruction. Wonderful experience.

I was extremely pleased with my Bumps for Boomers course and know that it will change the way I ski any terrain. The instruction was thoughtful and thorough and skiing bumps all day without tiring was an added bonus. I am eager to see how this effects my overall skiing performance. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to become a better more efficient skier. Thank you!

The techniques and strategies will make me a better skier and allow me to ski for many more years. I could not have learned and improved so much by skiing 100's of hours.

Beautiful common sense approach. Almost unbelievable how quickly your skiing is transformed.

I thought it was an excellent program. I believe my skiing improved. The individual help I received from Joe was great "BOB, TURN NOW". I was very satisfied with the program and hope to ski with you again next season.

I found it very frustrating until I pushed through. I felt that my problem could have been identified earlier.

I enjoyed taking the program and learned a lot. We concentrated on solving our weaknesses when needed. It was very satisfying to ski the difficult slopes every day. The student to instructor ratio worked very well.

I learned the critical importance of: Turn initiation, turn radius control, rate of turn control. And was shown how execute and employ these. I was shown that use of those skills will allow one to ski moguls with control, flow, and slow. I will now learn how to REALLY ski correctly. The groomed run ski lessons that I've had never taught the importance of or how to use or pivot a FLAT ski! I'm still awed at the lack of fear and anxiety that I experienced on steep mogul runs. This was due to demonstration of techniques that worked. Even though I could not employ them consistently (not even rarely), I KNEW that they would work and with reduced fear, I was able to try to use them to complete the run. I truly feel that I was introduced to REAL FINE ART of SKIING. I recommended the course to five people while on Aspen mountain. They all saw the sense of it. And the skiboards were great. Proves conclusively that size (Length?) doesn't matter!

I felt the coaching was great. The true test will be when I get back to Colorado and spend some significant time in the bumps and off the groomers to what has come through. But the most pleasing aspect was that I believe I left a much better all around skier than before the class.

The small class size was conducive to an almost one-on-one student/coach ratio which greatly enhanced the learning process. The new skills I learned will help me become a better all mountain skier which is why I attended the course. Your input and guidance on my boot problem will only help my skiing.

Larry's ability to key into my specific deficiencies, and then to positively address them, made it possible for me to significantly (at least I thought so!) increase my skills.

I felt that the clinic was a very worthwhile experience. Prior to the weekend, I had approached moguls with a mixture of trepidation and confusion - I had heard/read of so many different approaches and any attempts I had made were frustrating because I wasn't sure how to ski them successfully. The most valuable aspect of the clinic was that Joe and the Bumps for Boomers team completely demystified moguls for me. I liked the analytical style of the clinic - moguls were deconstructed and the elements of skiing them communicated very clearly. Our coach, with infinite patience and support, helped us to put all the elements together in incremental steps so that by the end of the two-day clinic I had made significant progress. I also valued the small group size which meant more individual attention and feedback. Another aspect of the program that made a difference to my experience was the lack of - dare I say it - macho pressure to be fast, forceful and aggressive. I had been reluctant to sign up for the conventional ski-school mogul courses because of my perception that, as a 49-year-old woman, I would be completely out-skied by the younger and more aggressive skiers that would probably be in the group. The great thing about BFB was the emphasis on a slow, elegant, non-competitive style. This ratcheted up my comfort-level and made it easier to be focused. I can't wait to get out to the mountain again to ski moguls. Instead of being intimidating and something that other skiers do, I now see a mogul field as a fun playground. I love this feeling of all-consuming, child-like enthusiasm for something new in my jaded middle age!

After we learned to center on the short skis and control speed in the bumps (not trivial accomplishments, thanks, Joe) I wish we could have spent some more time trying to go faster and take different lines, like skiing the troughs. Not everyone fits into the same cookie cutter. Also the powder/soft crud conditions with unwaxed bases and the very short diving tip skis were a big distraction. Having said that, I did enjoy the program and our time with you, Joe.

I had a great experience, and Joe is a terrific teacher

In short time I pick up several tips how to ski on bumps and feel more confidence to ski most of difficult terrains. 2. I like small group lessons and practice the same ski technique over and over until better.

Crucial to stratify the skiers into appropriate groups.

Wonderful experience,great days and snow. Larry was very vocal and patient. He didn't stop coaching the whole time which was appreciated. It was a great feeling to maneuver some remarkable terrain. How to balance on skis was the biggest value,but it was all great instruction.

Great program but you can't learn to ski the bumps in two days. I have confidence that the program works but in my case will take more instruction (fyi - I am 70 yrs old and have had two knee replacements)

The single most effective program/lesson/course I've ever encountered. The combination of the skiboard technique and the support of the instructors gave me a true breakthrough and more confidence than ever. The tools I was given in Bumps for Boomers will stay with me always.

The short skis helped a lot in learning to ski bumps. I will use mine more often

Great experience with a method that really does work! The instructors in this course are extremely knowledgeable, patient, and professional. I think if I were doing it again, it would have been more efficient for me to do a private lesson for 1-2 days, practice on my own for a day or two then perhaps do another day. The key moment early in the course is getting off the edges and skiing on flat skis with lateral movement on grommed runs. No reason to progress to bumps before this, and I think you should not put people in the bumps before they are able to get off the edges and ski them slowly and safely. This occurs at different times for different people. My difficulty with this was improved once I had some one on one time with Joe and I was able to breakthrough. You can accomplish this in a group setting if you intentionally break off more frequently and formally for some one on one time with each person, which I think is very important and helpful, and key to the success of the program. However, if there is a disparity between the progress of the group it is a problem when the skiiers that are "getting it" need lots of coached reps in the bumps to consolidate what they have learned.

I learned that I need to be in control of the mountain and that I have choices about how to deal with the variety of situations faced with while skiing. I was disappointed in my ability to ski the double blacks, but learned through the process that I must stand tall, keep my head up and trust the technique that you and Larry taught us....it does work!

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. I thought the coaching quality was outstanding and the teacher to student ratio was very favorable. To me the big unknown factor to me at this time is to what extent did the ski boards improve my skiing and what is it going to be like when I get back on my regular skis (175 cm)?? As of right now (Tues 1/10/06) I have not able to ski with them yet. I'll send you another e-mail after I do. The skiing was extremely FUN!!

Joe My skiing needed a jump start to get me to another level. Your program exceeded my expectations and as a result I'm seriously thinking about going for a PSIA certification here in the Midwest. The transition back to traditional skis was much easier than I thought. When I got back home I went out and bought a pair of the Atomic M-trons (M8) at 161 length. Skied on them yesterday and they were great! I'll stay in touch and will probably do another clinic with you next year. Jim PS: Thanks for putting up with me - I know I'm pretty hard on myself and no way was this a reflection on you guys. Also, Larry was great. I would definitely try to keep him coaching your clinics

I was involved totally, Joe and Larry were both quality coaching both physically on the bumps and mental input.

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